Makeup Tips For A Girl With Glasses

There was a time when I dreaded the thought of wearing glasses but today nerdy is new sexy. I bought these big framed glasses recently and I love how they have changed my whole look.  I was surprised to find that most people feel that it’s difficult to wear makeup with glasses but being a makeup addict, I don’t see as to why my glasses should stop me from wearing some color on my face. So here are a few of my favorite tips and tricks to make sure that your makeup works with your glasses without making anything overwhelming

Skip the black for brighter eyeliner

Colored liners give your eyes a softer look than a black liner. They also make your eyes pop so you can create a dramatic look without going over the top. Colors like navy blue or emerald-green or even a burgundy look pretty flattering on most skin tones as they have warmer hues.

Volumize those lashes

A very common misconception that people with glasses have that they shouldn’t use eyelash curlers or mascara because it will make their lashes hit their glasses. In reality, a good eyelash curler and a volumizing mascara are any glasses wearing girls best friends because curled lashes make your eyes look bigger and more open. Use a curler to make them curlier instead of just being straight. Once you have curled your lashes, use your favourite volumizing mascara but the trick is to concentrate more on the roots rather than the tips so that the mascara doesn’t weigh them down ruining the curling action.

Lay low on eyeshadows

 The lenses in your glasses accentuate everything that you wear on your eyes so try to keep your eyeshadows towards the neutral tones. Refrain from highlighting your brow bone area because most glasses cover it but do accentuate your crease. My personal favourite shades are rose gold or a shimmery champagne because they just make my eyes pop without looking too heavy from the lenses.

Frame those brows 

Your glasses might be framing your eyes but your eyebrows pretty much frame your glasses. You make sure the shape of my brows compliment my glasses as well and you invest in some good brow products. A word of caution would be to not go over board with filling the brows so that they don’t clash with your frame. Just brush them upwards and outwards with a spooly and fill up the blank areas.


As I mentioned earlier, the lenses in your glasses tend to magnify everything including your dark circles. The glasses also tend to have a little bit of shadow kind of effect so make sure you wear a color corrector and a good concealer. Do not forget to set the concealer using a good setting powder to avoid the product from looking cakey or setting in fine lines.

Go bold with the lips

 While all my other tips have been about keeping the makeup subtle, lip color is one thing that you can definitely play with. Go bold and bright with your lip shade particularly if you are wearing a black or brown colored frame. However, if you are wearing a colored frame, wearing the same colored lipstick or a contradicting color might prove to be a bit too much.

Makeup is always all about highlighting your best features and glasses are one of the most powerful accessories you can wear. I know a lot of people associate glasses with being boring and serious but you do not have to be that. Just make sure that you balance out your makeup well and you are good to go.