Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothing Hair Serum: Review

Heylo People 🙂
Today I am going to review one of the most raved and talked about serum  of the Indian market. I already use a lot of products from matrix so I was really excited to use it. Did it disappoint me? Did i like…read on to know more.
Price: Rs. 260 for 100 ml
What the company has to say about it :
Biolage smoothing serum smoothes dry, frizzy and unruly hair. A fusion of taming polymers and avocado and grape seed oils gently envelops hair to control frizz and seal in smoothness without weight.hair stays shiny, nourished and manageable all day. 

The Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothing Hair Serum comes in a white plastic bottle with a flip cap. The packaging is a little flimsy and the flip cap opens very easily so there is always a risk of leakage. To avoid this try and keep the bottle standing instead of carrying it around or keep lying in your vanity.

The serum it self is a transparent liquid that has thick oily texture.I kind of had my doubts about it when I saw the texture as I was afraid that it might just leave my hair looking like an oily mess but thankfully nothing of that sort happened. The serum doesn’t make your hair oily at all, instead it just gets absorbed in your hair very quickly. It has the trademark Matrix Biolage fragrance (matrix users would know what i mean :p) which disappears after a while. 

I definitely feel that the serum gives frizz control. It is still a little cold in Delhi and thanks to all the pullovers I wear my hair tend to get really frizzy and I have noticed a difference since I have started using it. I also feel a certain softness that it gives to my hair. I used Garnier and Livon before this and even though they did their work on the first day, on the second day my hair became limp and I could also see that they aggravated some hair problems like dandruff. I did not face any such issue with this serum.
 Another big plus point  about this serum is that the quantity required for my medium length hair is really less so 100 ml will last a while. 
  • Gets absorbed quickly
  • Doesn’t make hair oily
  • Helps in controlling frizziness of the hair
  • Only a small quantity is required
  • does not aggravate any hair problems
  • Packaging is could have been a little better
  • Matrix products are tested 
Overall, I kind of like the product. I have been using this for a month now after every hair wash and i have not faced too many issues with it. I wish the packaging was of a little better quality so that it could be carried around.
Have you tried this serum?
Did you like it? did you hate it?