Maui Moisture Strength & Anti Breakage Agave Hair Mask: Review

I made an amazing discovery during my time in the states and that was drugstore hair care products. I came across some really cool brands that were pocket-friendly but much more effective than my regular products.One such brand was Maui and I am going to talk all about the Maui Moisture Strength & Anti Breakage Agave Hair Mask

Price: $8 for 340 gms


The Maui Moisture Strength & Anti Breakage Agave Hair Mask comes in a red plastic tub packaging with a gold screw on cap. The tub is quite sturdy but it is a bit too huge to travel with. So when I am on the go, I usually transfer the product into a more travel friendly packaging. It doesn’t come with a spatula and you need to scoop out the products with your fingers. I have honestly accepted the fact that the brands don’t care how unhygienic it is to dip fingers into a product and have stopped expecting them to.

Texture & Product

The mask has a nice smooth texture and almost feels like a creamy gel.This mask is infused with coconut water, honey, hibiscus and pineapple oil along with aloe vera juice. It has a lightweight formula that smells quite amazing.

My Experience

 According to the brand, this product can be used as a conditioner and a mask. I prefer using it as a mask more than a conditioner as it gives better results. I apply the mask an hour before taking a shower and follow it up with my usual hair wash routine. For days when my hair needs a little more moisture, I apply the mask overnight and sleep with a shower cap on.

As the consistency is really light,  I have also started using it as a leave in treatment. After the shower, I apply a small amount to the ends of my hair. This gets rid of any split ends and prevents them as well.

The mask does live up to it’s promises of smoothening the hair and leaving them all sleek and hydrated. I love the tropical fragrance as its just the right amount of strong. Application is a piece of cake as it spreads easily. In terms of efficacy, it is pretty much the only hair care product I am using apart from my shampoo and conditioner these days.

Final Verdict

Like I said, I am impressed with the effectiveness of the product and my hair care at this point of time is pretty much revolving around the Maui Moisture Strength & Anti Breakage Agave Hair Mask. It is quite pocket friendly and the tub lasts you a good couple of months. The only downside that I see to this product is that it is not available in India.

Have you used the Maui Moisture Strength & Anti Breakage Agave Hair Mask?

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