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Maybelline Bold Matte Color Sensational Lip Color in MAT5: Review, Swatches and FOTD

So Durga Puja is right around the corner and like most my bong readers and friends out there, I did a lot of shopping and now I am waiting and counting days!!!! I bought everything well in advance…I mean months in advance ( yes I am that crazy :p) and while I was at it I was simultaneously looking for a really nice rich red lipstick…If you ask why a red lipstick in particular…..well we bong love red…I mean the lal par sari ( re d bordered sari), the altaa ( its a red liquid we apply on our hands and feet just like mehndi) and the lal teep ( the big red bindi)…its like we just can’t get enough of this pretty color.
Now I do have some reds with me but well  in my household we are supposed to wear new stuff during puja and obviously I need an excuse to shop plus Maybelline came out with this Bold Matte Color Sensation range of lip color that had a gorgeous red called MAT 5 which I knew I had to get. Unfortunately I could not resist trying it and the every thing new excuse is obviously no longer valid using it so I thought I might as well share my thoughts about it with you guys 🙂

The packaging is definitely a winner. I love how bright and attractive it is. It also has this small mirror on the top which you can use for touch ups. I can’t even count the number of times I have disliked the packaging of a particular lipstick just because there is no way to distinguishing the different shade and while most of you don’t get bothered by it…for lipstick hoarders like me a packaging like the one this range has that tells you about the shade without making you read the labels definitely earns some extra points. One particular thing that stood out was the fact that this is the first lipstick that I have used that has absolutely no fragrance so all you guys out there who hate lipstick with fragrance…well I think you have an option now.

In terms of the name and the texture/ finish thing goes, atleast Maybelline got half of that right. The shades in this range are definitely bold but the texture is anything but matte. Instead of matte, the texture is very creamy and moisturizing and you can actually compare it to the satin finish lipsticks from M.A.C while in terms of finish you have this nice shine on your lips when you apply the lipsticks..
MAT 5 looks like bold pink based red which will look really flattering on most Indian skin tones. It definitely lacks the neon kick that the other shades from this range have but I guess that makes it perfect for people who shy away from bright colors. The color looks a bit more pink on the lips than it looks in the bullet.The pigmentation is quite impressive and it stays on for almost 3-4 hours. It transfers a bit but I did not notice any kind of bleeding or feathering. 

Overall, I like the range and I particularly love MAT 5. I just wish it was matte as it claimed because its becoming kind of boring to see that every lipstick claims to be matte and then turns out to be creamy. Any how, if you are a bright lipstick lover then go and try out this range…there are 4 more shades available but I think MAT 5 is the shade that would suit majority of the skin tones.
Have you tried the  Maybelline Bold Matte Color Sensational Lip Colors?
Which is your favorite shade?
Let me know by commenting below 🙂