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Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean Makeup Remover: Review and Demo

A lot of you have been asking as to why there is suddenly a wave of skin care and hair care products and not the usual makeup stuff. The reason behind this tilt towards certain kind of products is that well as I am getting married in a few months and I am trying to decide on the best products for my trousseau. Plus I know I would have stop experimenting with products like two months as before the D-Day so this the like my mad scientist time right now. I am going to review makeup, places to eat and books but the frequency of such posts might be a little less.
Now that we are through with the disclaimer let us talk about the product that has suddenly become an indispensable part of my skin care routine. Today I am going review the Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean Eye and Lip Makeup Remover. I wanted to try this remover for a long time but for some reason it was always out of stalk. After using it, I think I know why it was never available. More on the later….let me tell first introduce the product  properly.

Price: Rs 275 for 70 ml
The Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean Eye and Lip Makeup Remover comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a screw on cap. Once you remove the cap, you notice a pin sized opening for accessing the product. I found the packaging to be very sturdy and travel friendly. Also, thanks to the transparent packaging I know exactly how much of the product is left.

In terms of texture and consistency, this makeup remover is a colorless  liquid with water like consistency. I kid you not I almost though it might be just a sort of glorified rose water but when I looked closely I noticed that the remover has two parts- a thin oily layer and a watery layer underneath. So to ensure you get both the layers you have to shake the bottle before you use the product.

Now lets talk about the efficiency of the product, it doesn’t really remove all the makeup at once but it removes almost 90% of it in one go so you need to go back a second time to ensure everything is removed. I would say 90% makeup removal in one go is genuinely impressive. I use it to remove my eye makeup and I haven’t felt any itching or burning sensation near the eyes and neither do I suffer from blurry vision which is usually the case when I use baby oil to remove my eye makeup. The only thing you need to take care of is that you do need to wash your face with your face wash because it is a oil based makeup remover.

Testing Time

After one round with the remover

All the makeup gone 😀

All the makeup…eeks…it looks so disgusting this way

Overall, its a really good makeup remover at the price it retails at. It removes makeup efficiently without any itching or burning sensation. The only concern is the light oily residue that it leaves behind but that is not something that cannot be taken care of by an effective face wash. 
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