Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gradation in Mauve 1: Review, Swatch & FOTD

The one thing I miss about Thailand the most apart from its beautiful beaches is the makeup you see on the ladies there. I always knew that people there had some amazing skin thanks to all the amazing skin care brands available to them but I was so surprised to see their skills with makeup. Everything just looked soo natural and flawless on them and the barely there lip tint was definitely something I was totally fascinated with. Around the time I returned, Maybelline decided to launch their Lip Gradation range which promised somewhat similar natural ombre effect I had seen all those beautiful ladies in Thailand wearing so I was pretty intrigued to try it. I had a bunch of pinks and red when I was shopping for my wedding so I decided to go for the Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gradation in the shade Mauve 1.


Price: Rs 500 for 1.25 gms.

The Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gradation comes in a plastic tube packaging that has the lip color at one end and the sponge at the other. The lipcolor side has a black plastic cap whereas the sponge has a transparent one. To access the lip color bullet you need the roll the pencil from the sponge.  The packaging is pretty sturdy and travel friendly. The caps don’t come loose so you don’t have to be worried about any kind of a mess or loosing them if you are clumsy like me. I love how the body of the lip color has the same color as the lip shade so you don’t have to go around reading labels to find the color you want.


In terms of the texture, the lip gradation lip color is quite buttery and smooth. It has a very creamy texture so it doesn’t really need much effort in terms of application. The lip color goes on like a dream and settles into a slightly matte finish after a few minutes. The only issue with the lip color is that when it turns matte, if you have dry lips or haven’t prepped your lips before application, the lipstick starts flaking. It doesn’t settle in fine lines or bleed but it does transfer a little.


The whole concept behind this range was to help create the natural ombre look using the sponge. Unfortunately that look doesn’t really come off too well on me because my lips are quite pigmented. It might work on people who do not have alot of pigmentation on their lips but for the rest of us, the sponge is going to give disappointing results

As I mentioned, I had bought quite a few reds and pinks for my wedding trousseau so I decided to go for Mauve 1 in this range. Mauve 1 is a beautiful brown with slight mauve undertones. It is a little darker on me to be my MLBB shade but in general I find it to be a shade I can use any time of the day and with most looks. I like that the mauve undertones are subtle because if they are not, you have those ghastly looking brown shades that look like you have chocolate on your lips.


The lip gradation range does really well in the pigmentation department and you a nice opaque layer of color on your lips in a single swipe.  The staying power is around 3-4 hours but it doesn’t survive meals. The darker shades in the range do leave a tint behind but as Mauve 1 is more close to my natural lip color, it just looks like I am not wearing anything on my lips once it fades away.



Overall, I am happy with the color, the quality, the pigmentation, the staying power and the overall product in general but the lip gradation concept doesn’t really work for me which was a little disappointing. I am absolutely in love with the shade and have been wearing it around quite a bit so I am definitely going to buy it again once I am done with the tube. If you do not have pigmented lips, do try the ombre effect the lip gradation is supposed to create and if you have pigmented lips, just wear it as a normal lip color….it works great that way as well.