Maybelline Color Sensational Velvet Matte Lipstick in MAT4: Review, Swatches and FOTD

Maybelline is one brand I can shamelessly say I am addicted to. Case in point, I have been posting daily for the past 10 days (FYI….new found respect for bloggers who post daily :p) and out of the 10 posts, Maybelline has been featured 4 times including today and I still have few Maybelline product reviews coming your way in the next few days. Anyways, if you have been a regular reader you know my never ending love for lip products so when Maybelline came out with the Color Sensational Velvet Matte Lipsticks….I promptly went to my nearby drugstore, swatched the shades and picked a few up. But as always, I wore it a few times and then it went into the sea of lipsticks I have in my vanity until a few days back when I was looking for a brighter shade to perk up my look and stumbled upon MAT4. After my self-scolding and multiple facepalm sessions for not putting up a review on this product, I finally decided to not waste anymore time and tell you all about it.


Price: Rs 475 for 5 ml.

The Maybelline Color Sensational Velvet Matte Lipsticks come in a square tube packaging  with a glass body and a black cap that has the applicator attached to it. I like the simple packaging and that the bottom is transparent because I can see the shade. The applicator is a leaf-shaped sponge one and definitely proves to be helpful when you are trying to apply product to the corner of your lips or the cupids bow. The cap stays in place so no fuss about a mess if you are travelling with it.



The texture of these velvet matte lipsticks is what can be described as a creamy gel. I wasn’t expecting them to be this creamy but they are so they glide on your lips without any tugging or pulling and keep your lips pretty moisturised. I do not use a lip balm directly under this because the texture is soo creamy that lip balm just makes it slippery so I use a tissue to remove the excess lip balm once I have moisturised my lips and the product over it.


Lets talk about the finish. Ok so when I swatched them I though ya they are creamy but they will settle down to matte finish because that is what the name tells you. But this is what the name does not tell you- One…it is not a lipstick and two…it is definitely not matte. I would describe these as lip creams rather than lipsticks and the finish is more glossy. The glossiness does wear out with time but it doesn’t settle down to a matte finish so yes Maybelline definitely needs to get the name matched up with the finish.


Having said all that about the texture and the finish, I still love the product. I know it is not matte but it is one of the most comfortable lip creams I have with me. I love how light it feels on my lips and the glossy finish is not the disco ball glossy finish, rather it gives your lips the natural kind of plump look. I am not into lip glosses so never ventured into the lipgloss over lipstick trick but this gives me the same effect.

Application as I mentioned is a piece of cake and with the applicator, getting those edges right is no big deal. It slides on your lips and you can easily layer it without making it look patchy or uneven, The product takes a little time to settle but doesn’t bleed or feather.


Even though Maybelline messed up getting the name of the finish right, they definitely knew what they were talking about when they described the shade MAT 4 or Vibrant Coral. This shade is a pretty coral pink with a bit of a blueish undertone. it is not the usual orange coral you see but more like a pink based coral.  The best thing about the shade is that most shades that are cooled toned don’t work that well with the Indian skin tone but MAT 4 is pretty wearable.

The shades vary in pigmentation and the darker shades are more pigmented but this product has a decent coverage overall. MAT 4 is one of the lighter shades in the range and I get a nice swipe of color on my lips after two coats. Staying power is around 3-4 hours and less if you have meals or a tea-addict like me because it transfers alot. It does leave a little bit of tint behind and fades evenly so you always have a little bit of color on your lips.


Overall, I am happy with the product. I wasn’t expecting the texture to be this creamy but I like it even though it’s not matte. I am particularly in love with the shade and it just brightens up my face the moment I wear it. The quality is great so if you are looking for a good lip cream then this is a great option but if you want something matte, you need to look elsewhere.