Maybelline Colossal Kohl in Crushed Emerald, Jewelled Jade and Smokey Silver: Review, Swatches & FOTD

If I have to live of one item of makeup for the rest of my life…it would be a close call between kajal/kohl and lipstick but then again I have left the house without wearing anything on my lips but you rarely see me without my liner on. I honestly have more kajal than I need but that hasn’t stopped me from buying more and when a pocket friendly brand like Maybelline comes out of the colored variants of its colossal line which by the way is one of my staple kohls…a liner addict like me had to get all the shades. So today I am going to talk about the new members of the colossal family- Maybelline Colossal Kohl in Crushed Emerald, Jewelled Jade and Smokey Silver….like the names but considering two out of three kohls have we-will-match-alphabets-of-the-name thing going…seems little unfair that the brand left out emerald :p .



Price: Rs 249 for 0.35 gm

Packaging of the three variants is pretty much like the original colossal kajal-Yellow plastic  twist up body with the brand name printed on it. The only difference is that they have this band near the bottom that tells you the shade. I don’t have any complains with the packaging. Its simple and sturdy so basically no fuss or mess gets created.

Lets talk about the three shades now

Crushed Emerald- Even though the name doesn’t match ( why the discrimination Maybelline ?) the shade is definitely one of my favorite. As the name suggests, crushed emerald is a beautiful dark emerald green. I love how dark and pigmented it is and out of the three, crushed emerald is definitely the most pigmented. I have used emerald color liners before but what I like about crushed emerald is that it has this nice sheen in it which makes the color pop even more.




Jewelled Jade- Jewelled Jade is the is supposed to be more of a blue teal shade but somehow when I apply it looks more green than blue. None the less, it is a gorgeous shade, lighter than emerald but pretty pigmented. Unlike crushed emerald, this has more of a matte finish.





Smokey Silver- To be honest, smokey silver was a disappointment. When I heard the name, I was hoping for a rich grey liner however smokey silver is a pale shiney silver that just refuses to show up on my lids. I literally had use it like a crayon to get a decent color on my lid so that I could photograph it. I feel it would work better as a base for the smokey eyes rather than a liner.


IMG_1558  IMG_20150714_100018

Staying power for all the liners is pretty great. they don’t smudge or fade unless you forget you are wearing a liner and rub your eyes….we have all been there :p.  They did not irritate my eyes even when I applied them near my waterline. Pigmentation varies but Crushed Emerald and Jewelled Jade are definitely more pigmented than Smokey Silver.

Overall, they are really good and affordable options if you are looking at adding a pop of color to your liner collection. The colossal range has never disappointed me and that continues with these liners as well.