Maybelline The Colossal Liner: Review, Swatch and FOTD

What is the most annoying thing you need to get done in the morning…if you are thinking waking up..high five girl…you are not alone but well after waking up, it is the getting ready part. Now as much as I love getting all dolled up before I leave my house, putting in the effort to look good in the morning takes every ounce of patience I have in me. So in order to make life easy, I always incorporate makeup products/tools that would help me get ready in like 10 minutes without any hassle and one of my favourite time friendly product is a pen liner. I love how much control you get with these type of liners and how easy it is to create a glamorous flick using them so when Maybelline came out with The Colossal Liner, I knew I had to try it.
Price: Rs 425 for 1.2 gms
The Maybelline Colossal Eyeliner comes in a black pen form with a pen like cap. As I said, I love using pen liners but one my biggest pet peeve with them is a flimsy cap that comes of  in like 2 seconds resulting in the whole product drying out. Thankfully the cap for the maybelline colossal liner is pretty sturdy and stays in place 🙂
The best thing about this liner is the tip. I have used a bunch of pen liners before this and I had even bought a new one just before I got the colossal liner but the other one is lying in my vanity after a single use just because this one an amazing tip. The tip is very thin and flexible which helps you create the thinnest and thickest line you can imagine. Recently, I have been pretty obsessed with dragging my liner to the inner corner area of my eye and this tip just lines that area with perfection. The tip is flexible but it is not the wobbly kind and you get a good amount of control so don’t worry about ruining your winged look :p
The liner has a nice consistency and it is not thick but not watery either. This consistency helps in giving a very nice, even and dark finish. I have come across so many pen liners that have the most efficient tips but the product itself is so light that I have swipe them like a zillion times to get any kind of color on my lids  but with the colossal liner, the maximum no. of swipes I have ever made is 3 and that to when I am trying to apply it on a very dark eyeshadow. So basically, it gets a thumbs up in the pigmentation department as well.
The staying power doesn’t really support the 12 hour claim but it does stay in place for a good 6-7 hours. I wouldn’t say that it is water proof because it washes of pretty easily but I haven’t really faced any liner bleeding issue even at 45 degree celsius when I was sweating like a pig :p.
The only issue I have with the liner is more of a personal preference thing because this liner gives a glossy finish while I like my liners to be matte. Now it is not really the disco ball kind of glossy but it has a little bit of shine which personally I don’t like.
Here are the swatches
And this is how it looks on me
All in all, I would say this is a great product. I had bought two pen liners together and I haven’t touched the other one at all because I absolutely love this one. I love the tip and the how easy it makes my life to create anything I want…whether its a subtle line for a work or maybe a flirty wing for a date. I have been using this every day since February and I haven’t finished it yet so you can say that it is worth the extra bucks you are paying 🙂