Maybelline Electro Pop Baby Lips In Berry Bomb: Review and Swatches

When it comes to lip balm, I would have to say Maybelline is one brand that has never disappointed me and the baby lips lip balm are my absolute favorite. Now I did not really need a new lip balm…actually I never really need a new lip balm because at any given point of time I’ll have two lying in my bag, one next to my bed and one with my lipstick but well I couldn’t really resist the bright packaging Maybelline Electro Pop Baby Lips came in and decided to pick one. 

Price: Rs 165 for 3.5 gms

I love the packaging. Its soo cute and bright. Unlike the previous versions, the electro pops have a transparent cap. For the price they retail at, I definitely feel that Maybelline gives you a very good and sturdy packaging as I have never really faced an issue when I carry them around.  

This lip balm has a very smooth and creamy texture. They are not waxy or heavy . They are quite hydrating minus the sticky feeling on the lips. I use it at night as well and I have to say I love how hydrated my lips feel in the morning so I am definitely going to stock this one when the temperature drops. During the day when I am eating and drinking stuff, the staying power is around 4-5 hours after which I need to re-apply.
Coming the variant I picked…well if you have read one of my previous post…you would know I was undergoing a particular color phase when I bought this so out of the four available variants, I choose Berry Bomb. I have to say I am pretty glad that I did because this lip balm smells and tastes like real berries. I absolutely love the fragrance and enjoy the fact that it lingers on for a few minutes 🙂
In terms of the tint….well I do see a faint mauvish tint on my lips but I wouldn’t go far and say that its it’s pigmented. I don’t mind the mild pigmentation because I can compensate that with the bunch of lipsticks I carry around. 

All in all, I love this lip balm. It has an amazing fragrance…I love the packaging…it moisturises my lips quite well and its a pocket friendly lip balm. 

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