Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper in Grey: Review and Swatches

Strong brows are all the fad these days and the big players in the Indian cosmetic market are finally addressing that it is high time we have some brow products available to us. Maybelline being one of the front runners in the launching of new products took the leap and we had Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper.


Price: Rs 245 for 0.5 gms

The Maybelline Fashion Brow Shaper Duo comes in a sleek black plastic packaging with colored caps. One end has this really slim sleek pencil which is retractable while the other end has a sponge applicator which applies the brow powder. The pencil end has the pull out cap while the sponge ha a screw on one. You need to rotate the body of the pencil to access the pencil. It is a sturdy packaging and both the caps stays in place. I have been carrying it around and no mess no fuss.




The pencil is available in two shades- Brown and Grey. I already have brown brow kit so I decided to try the grey shade. The grey shade of this eye brow pencil is not a blackish grey, instead it is more of ash grey. The grey looks very natural when used on black eyebrows and blends in well with the original color of the brow hair. I had my doubts initially about how well a grey shade will look because black based shades give a very in your face kind of look to Indian skintone but I am glad I tried this shade because to be honest it looks more natural on me then the brown eye brow product I had been using.

The pencil part of this product has a very smooth texture and it slides and blends on really easily. The pigmentation is a little on the lower side which is something I usually prefer in eye brow products because it gives me more control in terms building up the coverage.The pencil is a little delicate so I would just twisting up a very small part of it initially as it has tendency to break off.  You can fill in the eyebrows by using small strokes to fill up area that needs a little bit of boost and then use the sponge to basically blend and set the pencil with the brow powder.

To be honest I love the sponge applicator more than the pencil. The sponge applicator has been designed in such a manner that it dispenses just he right amount of product. I prefer the sponge over the pencil because on most days I prefer having a much more natural look which a couple of swipes of the sponge applicator gives me. On days when I have the time and need stronger brow game to compliment a look, I use both the pencil and the powder. Staying power is decent s well and it doesn’t budge after it has been set with the powder.


All in all, I think it is an amazing product and a great choice especially if you are a beginner with eyebrow filling technique. I love the packaging, the quality of the pencil  and the shade looks soo natural on me. Maybelline is definitely succeeded in introducing yet another amazing product and you should give it a shot because I am sure you won’t be disappointed.