Maybelline Lip Polish in POP 5: Review, Swatches and FOTD

I am more of lipstick person than a lipgloss person so I was kind of disinterested in the Maybelline Lip Polish when they were launched but a few days back I went to the Maybelline counter with a friend who had tried these and wanted to buy a couple of more shades. Out of curiosity, I swatched the as well and well rest as they say is history. Being the pink addict I picked up this beautiful baby pink shade they had..POP 5 and today I am going to review it 🙂
Price: Rs 450 for 5 ml.
The Maybelline Lip Polishes come in a small squarish transparent tube packaging. The cap has a heart shaped sponge applicator attached to it. The shape of the applicator is very helpful and it helps in picking just the right amount of product.

One of the reasons I am not too fond of lip glosses is because they are usually pretty sticky however the lip polishes have a very smooth and creamy texture minus the sticky feeling. This product ha no fragrance…I sniffed and sniffed the tube for minutes but couldn’t pick up anything 🙁
Out of the 15 shades the company came out with…POP5 is a pretty baby pink shade. Its looks really pigmented in the tube but when you apply it, it gives a very sheer coverage .To counter this, you can just apply additional layers as even with layers don’t really feel thick or sticky on the lips, however if you have pigmented lips, then POP5 will just show up as a tint on them.

I personally love the color.It looks very natural on the lips and makes my face look so fresh. I can wear it too work, I can wear it when I have very heavy eyes and even  when its the kind of day when you feel like even a little liner on your eyes is too much.
Staying power is decent….it lasts on me for almost 3 hours.It doesn’t survive meals but the great thing about this product is that when it fades, it leaves the lips feeling quite moisturised, the effect is quite similar to what you feel after applying a thin layer of lip balm
Overall, I am definitely glad I made an exception for this product. I usually have it with me everyday and it ranks pretty high on my list of favourites these days.
Have you tried the Maybelline Lip Polishes?
Which is your favourite shade?