Maybelline Micellar Water: Review

When you have a skin type that tends to break out at the drop of a hat, you not only have to be particular about the makeup you use but also the kind of makeup removal products you put on your skin. Also, being lazy doesn’t go well with this skin type because the moment you skip removing your makeup even on a single night, a bright red spot pops out to say “Hello!” the very next day. I have been pretty much struggling to find a good makeup remover for a while now and even though my trusted baby oil works well for my eye makeup, I can’t really use it for the rest of my face and the same goes for any cream based makeup remover because it will just makeup my t-zone more oily. I finally stumbled upon a one-stop shop solution for my problem and it is called Micellar Water and now that one of my favorite brand – Maybelline came out with one, I just knew I had to try it.

Price: Rs 399 for 95 ml

The Maybelline Micellar Water comes in a simple transparent plastic bottle packaging with a pink flip top cap. I find the packaging pretty sturdy and smart considering you can always see the amount of product left. The cap stays in place and is not flimsy so you don’t have to be worried when you decide to travel with it.

This Micellar Water as the name suggests is a clear liquid with water like consistency. Another good thing about the packaging is that the opening in the cap is of the perfect size so you don’t end up with too much or too little of the product.

According to the application instructions on the bottle, you are supposed to soak a cotton ball in the product and apply on the face without rubbing. I pretty much followed these instructions the first time I used it but I found that even though the “no rubbing” advice works for the eye area, removing makeup from the rest of the face is a little difficult without rubbing it in a bit.

This micellar water works well in removing both normal but it does take a little bit of an effort to remove waterproof makeup particularly waterproof mascaras. I do need to let the product sit for a while on heavier layer of makeup and repeat the process a couple of time to remove it completely.

The things that I like about this product the most are that it doesn’t irritate my eyes , there is no oily residue and it works for both my the normal as well as oily areas of my face. I pretty much just wash my face with water after using it and follow it up with my toning and moisturizing routine.

The only downside of using micellar water is that you need a lot of product to remove your makeup completely. I have a tendency to wear pretty heavy eye makeup, long-lasting lip products and waterproof mascara almost on a daily basis and it pretty much takes 6-7 rounds of cleansing to take everything out which pretty much kills my reason behind switching to a different makeup remover i.e. easy removal. Also, the 95 ml wouldn’t even last me for a month which is not something I too happy about.

All in all, it is a good product particularly if you have sensitive or acne prone skin but do not expect it to clean heavier makeup very easily. If you are not into wearing alot of waterproof makeup on a day-to-day basis then this is definitely a product you should try.