Maybelline New York Baby Lips Candy Wow in Raspberry: Review

I have become a huge Maybelline fan in the past few years and to be honest the brand is just coming out with new products in a speed that is becoming really difficult to keep up. The latest addition to the line of new launches from Maybelline is the Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow Lip Pencils. These look like a new versions of the famous Baby Lips Lip Balm with a slight twist in the packaging so I was pretty intrigued to see how it was different from them.


Price: Rs 275 for 2 gms

Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow Lip Pencils come in a chubby twist up pencil packaging. I found the packaging pretty simple and easy to use however the cap does have a tendency to come off very easily so you need to be a little careful while travelling with it.



In terms of the texture and the formula, the candy wows are a tad better than their predecessors in the consistency department. These have a more balmy and hydrating consistency without being too heavy on the lips. Also, the finish is a bit more shiny than the baby lips and they have a mild floral fragrance that fades a few minutes after application.


The shade I got is called Raspberry and true to its name, it is a beautiful pink lip balm. I was honestly surprised how beautiful the shade was because you don’t expect that from a lip balm. It is such a gorgeous shade that you can wear it on its own with a winged liner and a little bit of blush to get that effortlessly chic look. On days when I don’t feel like wearing alot of makeup but want to look a little fresh, Candy Wow Raspberry is my go to product.

These pencils are a little bit more pigmented than the other baby lips variants I have used but the staying power is pretty much the same. The wear time is around two hours after which it starts fading. I don’t feel any dryness when I have the product on and my lips do feel softer even after the lip balm has faded.


The only complain I have is that even though the product is decent, I do feel a little cheated on the price end. See the thing is that most of the previous baby lips variant were more pocket friendly but with these candy wow lip pencils , the brand not only increased the price but reduced the quantity as well. I know a little increase in price is always a part of new launches but with this product there is not really a drastic difference in terms of quality so I just feel I am paying for the packaging which again is not the best. So basically, I like the product but I think the brand did not really add anything major to it to justify a price jump.


I wouldn’t recommend you not to buy them or to buy them because to be honest it is up to you to decide whether you want to splurge or not. The formula is alright but almost similar to the baby lips lip balm, the packaging is definitely cute and I am not going to lie it was a major reason that I bought it so if you are like me and you like chubby pencil then this will be a cute addition to your chubby pencil collection.