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Maybelline Super Stay 14 hour Lipstick in shade Non Stop Red: Review, Swatches and FOTD

Hello people,
A few days back I was talking about how I love Maybelline products and I am here with another Maybelline  product review. Today I am going to talk about the newest addition to the color range of Maybelline- Maybelline Super Stay 14 hour Lipstick in the shade Non Stop Red. 

Price: Rs 525 for 3.3 gms
The lipstick comes in a tube whose bottom half is of clear glass that shows the shade of the lipstick. The cap on the other hand is a white plastic cap that has silver belt on the bottom that Maybelline written on it. The name of the shade is at the bottom of the tube.

 I think you guys already know that I am a big fan of pink lipstick and coincidentally this range alot of pink shades to choose from. But this time I refrained myself from buying any of those pretty pink shade and instead decided to go for the beautiful red shade. Non Stop red is bright red shade and it has a beautiful finish. The shade is a little inclined towards pink rather than usual orange that you see in most red lipsticks. 

Coming to the texture of the lipstick, these lipsticks are extremely soft and give an extremely smooth finish. The lipsticks are highly pigmented and have a matte finish. It does not bleed or transfers. These lipsticks do have a tendency to dry your lips out, so it always better to moisturize the lips before applying it and to the same after a couple of hours. The staying power on other hand is quite great. I wore this lip color and it did not budge from my lips for around 8 hours after which it faded leaving a tint behind.

There are just two things that I dislike about this lipstick ( actually the all the lipsticks from this range) is the fragrance. the fragrance reminds me of a cough syrup and the fragrance does tend to linger for a while. The other think that I don’t really like about these lipsticks is the fact that its a little pricey for the quantity that comes.
Barring these two points, i absolutely love this lipstick. I was a little hesitant to try red initially but the shade is extremely flattering to any skin tone. I would definitely suggest you to go and try these lipsticks. They have staying power and the pigmentation will just bring a big smile on your face.
So have you tried this lipstick?
Tell me about it by commenting below 🙂
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