Monsoon and footcare

After the scorching heat of summer specially in Delhi where the temperature easily reaches 46 degrees, the falling of that first droplet of rain on your cheek brings such a sense of relief.
With monsoon finally here , it is time to indulge in a hot cup of tea and some very delicious deep fried snacks ๐Ÿ˜€
Though I love looking at the gently falling rain through my bedroom window, wading through puddles is definitely a different story. I know we fuss a lot about our hair and skin during monsoon but we forget how vulnerable our feet become to infection due to all this humidity

So here are a few tips to help you keep your feet happy:

Footwear: Feet sweat like anything during this weather, so avoid anything that is closed or tight. I am sure nobody likes to sit in wet shoes so just bring out those waterproof footwear and slippers and let your feet breath. 
I know most waterproof footwear don’t  really look good specially with formals so the best thing that you could do is while travelling just wear a waterproof pair of slippers and change to your usual pair of shoes once you reach your destination. 


Keep your feet clean: After you come from outside, its essential that you wash your feet thoroughly.You can add any kind of a disinfectant liquid to the water.Once you are done pat them dry completely specially between the toes. And given the high risk of infection, I would definitely suggest keeping a separate towel for your feet, a small hand towel will do.


Clean your footwear:  Shoes tend to get wet during monsoon, so make sure they are completely dry before you wear them again. You need to clean your footwear properly and let them dry in the sun so that there is no bacterial growth.

Pedicure at home: I somehow have a lot of hesitation about getting my pedicure done outside during monsoon. The weather is such that there is a big chance that the equipment used by beauticians are not sanitised properly no matter how high end the place is so I just prefer using my own stuff and taking care of my nails and feet at home.
For a pedicure at home, soak your feet in a mixture of warm water, lemon juice and liquid hand wash. Then scrub you feet with a foot scrubber or pumice stone or exfoliating scrub to remove the dead skin. After that dry your feet, trim your nails and push back the cuticle. You have to rinse your feet once again and pat them dry. 


Moisturize: There are no oil glands on our feet so its essential to keep them moisturized. But don’t go overboard with it and avoid applying moisturizer between the toes.