Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo: Review

One of the biggest downsides of trying a zillion hair products is that after a point of time there is so much product build up in your hair that you fail to understand if the product is actually not working for you or is it your own scalp.  After a few chats with some of my favorite hairstylists, I zeroed into the Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo.

Price: Rs 1600 for 250 ml

The product comes in a standard Morocconoil packaging with a blue bottle and a white flip-top cap. The cap is one of the see-saw ones that you need to push from one end t access the cap opening. I am not to happy with the packaging because to be honest it is not really travel-friendly because there is no mechanism to ensure that the product doesn’t leak so I have to either put a tape on the top if I want to carry the bottle with me or transfer it a different bottle.

The shampoo is a thick pale yellow product with a creamy consistency. The product has a lot of lather so you do not need more than two pumps for medium length hair. I like to massage my scalp with the shampoo and follow it up with my favorite conditioner. My hair definitely feel softer after using the shampoo and my scalp is absolutely clean so I don’t have to wash my hair for atleast 2-3 days rather than my usual day and a half.  Also, my regular products give me much better results after I have I cleaned up my scalp using this product so I get the benefits of a hair spa without going for one.

Overall, this is definitely “the” product if you are looking for a squeaky clean scalp. This shampoo chips away any product build up,  making sure your scalp can breathe and your products give you the best results. A word of caution would be to use this shampoo once in two weeks to ensure that you don’t dry up your scalp. All in all, definitely a product you need to invest in!