Mother’s Day Card

I know the day is almost about to end but I wanted to do a quick post on Mother’s Day….Happy Mother’s Day to all you mommies out their and the rest of you….I hope you made your mommies happy today. I wished my mom in the morning….had a great afternoon as we packed for our family vacation that starts this week and finally ended up having an argument in the evening so I would say it was a pretty usual day for us :p. 
Anyhow now my mommy has made this no gifts policy this year so the only thing I could give her was a card ( and loads of love of course). As I have been pretty busy with my day job these days, I had come with a very easy card so I decided go for a pop up card this time.
The complicated thing with pop up cards is that the inside is soo pretty that you have figure out something equally good for the outside of the card. So for my card the pop up us mom silhouette with the “o” replaced by a heart 🙂 and for the outside I just took some pretty floral paper and made panels out of them.
This is how the card turned out 🙂

And I made two of these because now I have two mommies- my mommy and my mommy-in-law. Needless to say both mommies were pretty happy with card :). 

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