MUA F6 Blusher & Contouring Brush: Review

As most  of you liked the brush review, I am back with another affordable brand that I recently tried for makeup brushes. Makeup Academy UK or MUA is one brand I can’t enough of. They are the perfect example of a brand making stuff that can give any high-end brand a run for its money without making a big hole in your pocket. I have reviewed a couple of other products from my MUA haul and the next is line is the MUA F6 Blusher & Contouring Brush.


Price: £3 on the MUA Website

MUA F6 Blusher & Contouring Brush is completely black with a black wooden body, black ferrule and black bristles. The brush has an angled shaped with bristles packed tightly and it also comes with a plastic casing to protect it.


The bristles are synthetic in production so they are obviously cruelty free and pretty soft, silky and flexible. The density of the bristle is pretty decent though it might prove to be inadequate if you are trying to apply or blend blushes but work well for contouring. The bristles pick up appropriate amount of product and do not feel harsh on the skin.


The way to work with the brush is to apply product using it in an upward sweeping motion. I love the brush for contouring because it gives me alot of precision due to its angular shape and it is pretty much the perfect brush to contour tricky areas like the sides of my nose. The size of the brush gives you a good grip and the brush hasn’t shed a single hair in the past 8 months I have used it for.


The best part about the brush is that they are so easy to clean and they dry so fast which came to me as a surprise considering the density.  The product had no synthetic smell even when it came and it did not lose its shape or density even after multiple washes.

All in all, the brush turned out to be pretty good investment and the perfect addition to my brush kit. I love the quality and how easy it is to use it for contouring. I was not sure how long the brush would last considering it is a synthetic brush and the price it retails at, but to my surprise it survived all these months and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.