MUA Power Pouts in Broken Hearted & Justify: Review and Swatches

Hello Girls 🙂
Pouts are powerful weapons…whether used by kids to make a sad face or by pretty ladies like us to make a sexy face. Obviously this weapon becomes all the more lethal if we are sporting the right colors on those pouty lips.Obviously MUA had the same thought in their mind when they came up with the Power Pout range. 
Power pout is the latest addition to the new trend of tinted lip balms and stains in chubby stick packaging. This range has 6 shades , I got two of them- Broken Hearted and Justify. 

Price: £ 3
Power pouts come in a plastic chubby stick packaging. The outer color of the stick is the same as the shade of the lip balm which makes it easy to locate them in your vanity. The cap has tendency to be a little loose if you do not close it properly so make sure that you close it properly if you plan to carry it around .

This lip balm & tint comes in a bullet that is retractable  using the base of the chubby stick. It has very nice minty fragrance which fades after a few minutes of application. The texture is quite buttery, smooth and obviously as its a lip balm it keeps your lips moisturized. The best part about it is that its really light and non-sticky unlike some of the tinted lip balms that I have used.

Even though I feel all the six shades are totally perfect for the Indian skin tone, for trial run I chose broken hearted which is a very soft pink shade and Justify which has a reddish orange tint.  

Pigmentation is not too great but not too bad either. You need to apply it a couple of times to get the true color on your lips but if you are the soft light tint on the lips kind of a girl, then you will be happy with just one swipe.Even though the staying power is not more than 2 hours, these lip balms leave a very pretty tint behind.
Only issue I have with this product is the fact that it melts. When I rolled the bullet out the first time the moment it got delivered, the bullet refused to go down without messing the sides of the packaging. Also the day I carried Broken Hearted with me for the first time, the bullet melted and its tip broke creating a big mess in the cap and my bag :(. So obviously not a product that you should carry around in this hot weather. 

See what the temperature did to Broken hearted 🙁

Justify is still in shape thanks to the fact that it stays at home :p

Top: Broken Hearted; Bottom: Justify

The good things about it:
  • Pocket friendly.
  • Fresh minty fragrance.
  • Nice moisturizing texture.
  • Shades available in this range wills suit most Indian skin tones.
  • Leave a pinkish tint behind after fading
The not so good things about it:
  • Only available on MUA online store.
  • The product melts and creates a mess.
  • Staying power could have been better.
I like MUA Power Pouts….I don’t love them but I don’t hate them either. Considering the price that they retail at, they do a pretty good job, however the melting part is a bit of turn off. 
Will I re-purchase it….I don’t think so 
Have you tried the MUA Power Pouts?
How did you find them?