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MUA Pro Base Eye Primer: Review

Hello Ladies,
Yup…I am back with another review of a MUA product. I have been buying alot of stuff from them these days…can’t help it…they are such a bargain when it comes to price and their quality is pretty decent. Anyways, I was running out my usual primer ( I got one with faces smokey eye kit I bought sometime back), and so before I tried anything fancy ( read expensive :P) I thought I should give MUA a chance before I make my bank account cry.

What was my experience…read on to know 🙂
Price: £ 2.50 for 7.5 ml
MUA Pro Base Eye Primer comes in a plastic tube packaging with a sponge wand. The packaging is nothing fancy, looks a little cheap to be honest but its sturdy so it works for me.

The primer is a pale natural color creamy liquid. The color actually reminds me of a concealer but then again a slight tint has its own benefits. Its not really thick so it blends pretty easily and doesn’t really have a scent. It gets absorbed pretty fast and doesn’t leave my eyelids feeling oily which is a big plus in my books. 

Coming to how well it worked…well as far as I know, eye primers are supposed to do two things- help the eye shadow to stay longer without creasing, fading etc. and to make the eye shadow pop. This eye primer definitely scored brownie points when it comes to making the eye shadow last longer. I had my doubts about how long my eye shadow will last when I wear this primer but I have to say I quite impressed. It kept my eye shadow intact for almost 5 hours after which I did notice some fading and creasing but nothing drastic. 

Unfortunately I cannot really say that I saw any major difference in the intensity of the eye shadow  There was a difference…but nothing that would make me go “WOW!!!” 
Quick look at the Yay-Nay list
  • Pocket friendly
  • Sturdy packaging
  • No fading or creasing for 4-5 hours
  • Doesn’t help with intensifying the eye shadow
  • Availability in India is an issue
Final verdict is that it is definitely worth trying if you do not want to invest in a expensive eye primer. It does what it claims , helps your eye shadow to stay put but it definitely has no effect on the intensity of the color of the eye shadow.