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Must Visit Places To Eat In Mumbai!!!

If you guys remember, a few days back I took some time off because I was travelling to Mumbai. I was really excited for the trip as it had been a while since I took a break from work and secondly because well I had all the intention of getting suitcase full of stuff from there.
Sadly, I was left a little disappointed in terms of shopping because most of the markets were closed due to the dahi handi celebration but nonetheless I picked some cute stuff from Colaba, Bandra and Lokhandwala. Basically we had alot of time on our hands, so my cousin decided to spend this extra time on discovering some amazing food in Mumbai. We definitely ate like there was no tomorrow and all that yummy food is showing its effect now 🙁
Obviously these are the places that I thought were really worth a mention and this list in no way covers all the delicious food that is available in the city that never sleeps so all of you from Mumbai out there, feel free to add to it 🙂
Love, Sugar & Dough (LSD), Lokhandwala
I am a big red velvet fan and there are only a couple of places that are able to get it right and LSD is one of them. Love, Sugar and Dough is a very popular retail chain in Mumbai and there cupcakes are amazing. Instead of going for the full size cupcakes, we took a box of the mini ones simply because we wanted to taste everything they had in the shop. Even though each one of their cupcakes was amazing I loved the red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and the truffle cupcake the most.

BreadCraft, Lokhandwala
Don’t underestimate this tiny little shop in the Lokhandwala Market because the rolls (or frankies as they call them there) it has on its menu will leave you asking for more. There menu has a lot to offer, even a whole wheat variant and their rolls are huge….and by huge I mean you are stuffed and have no space for anything else in your tummy huge, plus they are super affordable. We tried the Paneer Manchurian Cheese Roll and the Garlic Chicken roll and they were really good. I especially loved the fact that they did not went overboard with anything, the cheese, the spices, the vegetable…everything was just perfect. I wish I could I have tried some other stuff from their menu as well but we were so full by the time we finished our rolls that we decided not to but it is definitely a place I will visit every time I visit Mumbai.

Theobroma Patisserie, Bandra
I loved the decor of this place. Also, the owner is a total sweetheart and she answered all my questions and even suggested which of the pastries I should try. They also have alot of savoury options in terms of sandwich and breads but my big ass sweet tooth was craving some chocolate and that’s why I got Chocoholic which had three different layers of chocolate mousse and the Millionaire Brownie along with the Chicken BLT sandwich. I have to say after a bite of each, I just died and went to heaven. Take my word and try them….I can promise you will not regret it.  

Maroosh, Carter Road
You are hit by the spicy fragrance of roasted chicken the moment you step into Maroosh. I personally love shawarma rolls more than the any other kind of roll simply because its has so much more flavor. I have listed down Maroosh here because I knew I had to highlight how they have added a twist to the traditional shawarma roll by combining perfectly cooked chicken with hummus, hot sauce, pickled chilli, garlic and mayonnaise and even though the combination sounds a little odd, it tastes so good that I can feel my mouth watering just because I am thinking about it.

Le 15  Patisserie, Bandra

I know there are lot of patisseries on this list….don’t blame me…its just that I love my desserts and this place was on my list for so long thanks to all the friends I have in Mumbai who couldn’t stop raving about their macaroons and the cupcakes. Now that I have tasted almost everything available there, I have to admit whatever my friends told me did  not do any justice to what this place has to offer.
They have the a crazy varieties of macaroons available….I tried the the dark chocolate, passion fruit, sea salt, lavender, coffee and pistachio. For cupcakes I obviously had to try the Red Velvet one, along with Belgian chocolate, Oreo and Nutella. I am still unable to decide which one of these I like the most.

Bachelorr’s, Charni Road

Visit to Bachelor’s was a very interesting post midnight experience for me. Not only because I saw some very unique stuff on their menu that I haven’t really seen anywhere else but also because of the huge line of cars around it even in those odd hours. While we did try the club sandwich there but it was nothing extraordinary, the highlight of my visit to this place was the different flavors of ice cream I tasted. We tasted Sitafal, Green Chilli, Ginger and Roasted Cadbury. They sound very weird but they taste really good. This is one place that you should visit because this is not something you can experience any where else.

Candies, Bandra

When I stepped into Candies I couldn’t have imagined that it was such a big space. The furniture, the ambience everything gives the whole place a very antique feel to the restaurant. Their menu is vast and offers a variety of sandwiches, rolls, burgers, wraps, pizzas, pastas, salads and desserts. We tried the Dragon Chicken, Fish and Chips, Chicken Lasagne, Grilled Chicken Roll, Spinach and Mushroom Quiche , Chocolate Cupcakes and some drink. The quantity and the quality of the food is commendable and can you believe it, my bill for all this food was around a 1000 bucks!!! 
This is a super affordable place, has the perfect ambience to hangout with friends because you can sit there for hours even if you are done with your food and nobody bothers you. 

Have you visited any of these places?
Share your experience with me by commenting below and make sure you mention the other places you love so that I can try them out on my next trip 🙂