My amazing shopping experience with Jabong.com

Hello everyone!!!!
I love shopping!!! My first post was also a haul post as shopping is a big part of my life….
During the college days, every weekend you could find me roaming around with my friends in some or the other mall or market of the city ( the good old days….:) )
Now that I have a 9 to 5 (actually 6 πŸ™ ) job… things have changed a bit…
My weekends are mostly spent relaxing and catching up on the lost sleep…
But that doesn’t really mean that my love for shopping has to take a back seat…hello…online shopping πŸ˜€
I am always on the look out for great online shopping websites and that is how I came across Jabong.com. And trust me, shopping with them has been one of the best online shopping experiences in a long time.
Let me introduce you to this amazing website
Jabong.com is a young and vibrant company that aims to provide good quality branded products.Jabong.com caters to the fashion needs of men, women and kids across footwear, apparel, jewellery and accessories.

The site interface is very well designed and easy to navigate. The products are categorized as per Gender, Brand, Price, Color, Size etc. Another great feature about this website is they mention how many pieces of a particular product is remaining in their inventory.
They offer free shipping within India without any condition regarding the minimum order amount.Apart from online payment they also offer net banking and cash on delivery. For the cash on delivery, you could use your credit or debit card too….which I think is great for people who are hesitant to share their card details online.
Unlike other website which mention not to try the product while the delivery guy is still there, Jabong.com asks you to check the product you have ordered and if you have any issue you could just send it back with the same delivery person…I mean isn’t it great…specially when it comes to shoes or clothes or fragile items…you are spared from the hassle of shipping back the product πŸ˜€
At present they are offering a gift voucher worth Rs. 2000 once you sign up but they are some terms and condition regarding its use.
My experience with the website:
Just like any other girl I can never have enough shoes…so the first thing that I checked on this website was the shoes section.
And the sheer amount of variety available made it soo difficult to choose one.
Anyways finally I decided which one I wanted to buy and proceeded to check out.
I chose online payment option but due some issue with my card the transaction did not go through. I tried twice after which I decided to just use the cash on delivery option.
But by then the system refused to accept the gift voucher code I had used… it was 10 at night by then so I just decided to forget about it and speak to the customer care the next day.
OK I know what you are thinking…..that’s not an amazing shopping experience..well yes, till now its not…
But tell me ,if after all this confusion you receive a call from the website’s customer care itself saying that they saw on their system how you faced an issue while placing an order and they would like to assist you…won’t you just be AMAZED!!! 
Well this is exactly what happened. I got a call from the customer care at around 8 30 the next morning…the customer care executive confirmed all the details regarding the order and the voucher…told me not to bother logging in again as he would placing the order for me with cash on delivery option and I would receive the order on the same day…
Now I don’t think customer care can get any better than this. I never even got a chance to report anything to them….and they assisted me on their own….how cool is that!!!
I received my order within hours of getting this call. My shoes came in a sturdy box.They were packed extremely well.The whole box was bubble wrapped.There was no damage to the box and it came with a detailed invoice. 

and here are the slippers that I bought…

They are not really flat , they have a bit of a heel but they are soo comfortable and look super cute, I actually liked these slippers because they look like a more refined version of the kolhapuri chappals …and of course because of the color.
Overall I had a great experience shopping with this website and I am definitely going to go back to it very soon…this website has given me no reason no to πŸ™‚
Disclaimer: I was provided with a gift voucher to shop from the website but my opinions are 100% honest and my own.