My Favorite YouTube Channels

I was thinking about ‘features’ I can have on my blog, and since I am a big YouTube addict, so I finally decided to start a little ‘Sunday Spotlight on YouTube Channel’ series!!
I am an avid YouTube watcher ( have like a zillion subscriptions πŸ˜‰ ) and I’m constantly looking out for new channels that I would love to watch….and at times there is nothing much to watch on TV ( when your favorite  show’s season ends πŸ™ )…YouTube pretty much becomes my TV!!!
This series will not be limited to only beauty channels- I’ll include singers, health and workout channels, cookery based channels, vloggers…basically any channel that is entertaining and interesting.
The first post of this series will go up later today. So do leave a comment if there is any particular channels you love to watch, and tell me why, as I said I am always on the lookout to add channels to my ever expanding subscriptions list πŸ˜›