My new arm candy…Asus Zenfone 5

Earlier it used to be like that a girl can never have enough shoes, dresses, bags and you know other girly things but now I guess with every pose and pout getting updated on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram….we can never enough phones on us. 
I have a cousin who has this thing for phones and well he doesn’t really shy away from flaunting his zillion apples, blackberries, lumia and galaxies in my face but I guess its my turn now because I just got the new Asus Zenfone 5 delivered to my doorstep…I am treating it as a late new year gift :p

My first reaction on looking at the phone was that looks ultra chic thanks to the sleek design and gorgeous white body. I have a thing for white phones and when it looks like what Asus Zenfone 5 looks like, well you don’t hide the beauty behind a cover.

You have a 5 inch screen which is kind of the biggest screen I have seen in any phone in this price range. It has a sharp display, the colors look natural and the brightness is sufficient. 

The ZenUI interface which is tailor made for Asus phones and tablets and makes using the phone such an easy task. Out of the uncountable cool features the ZenUI interface provides you with, my favorites so far have been what’s next, do it later and easy mode. 
The What’s Next feature manages schedules and reminders but instead of viewing the related information in different apps say calendar or to do list, the feature automatically collates that information and displays the same to you.  Do It Later is like your personal secretary and helps you to remember things with a single click when you are busy with the task at hand. And well the Easy Mode comes so handy when people like my mommy are trying to use the phone because it helps to increase the size of the icons, buttons and font for better readability. 
I am still testing the camera and some of the other features of the phone so I will talk about that in my next post however I am pretty smitten by the looks and the performance of the phone till now. Lets see if it stays this way 🙂

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