Natural Bath & Body Under-Eye Gel Pack – Aloe Cucumber: Review

While I had planned that I would get like 8 hours of sleep and take care of my skin and all the new year positive resolution kind of stuff, the reality is that I am working almost 9 am to 1 am every other day, my whole diet has gone for a toss and haven’t been able to workout the way I should have because of the ligament injury in my foot. The thing that has a become a major concern apart from my weight gain are the big bluish black almost permanent dark circles developing around my eye. I have been searching for something to help me get rid of panda eyes and the latest product on my vanity on the quest to have dark circle free eyes is the natural Bath & Body Under – Eye Gel Pack.


Price: Rs 325 for 15 ml

The under eye gel pack comes in this teeny tiny plastic tub packaging with a screw on cap. The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly. It is really compact so you can fit it into your bag without taking up to much space.  I like the overall packaging except the slight bias I have against the tub packaging but that is just a personal preference due to hygiene reasons.



The product is a light mint green colored gel based pack. I always prefer gels over cream products because they feel lighter and get absorbed faster than their creamy counterparts. I was a little disappointed at first when I saw how tiny the tub was but the product spreads really well on the skin that a little quantity goes a long way. It doesn’t get absorbed immediately, you have to let it sit for a few minutes after which starts drying and you have this overnight gel pack for your under eye area.


I have been using this products for more than three weeks now and even though wouldn’t say I have seen a very drastic difference in terms of the intensity of my dark circles but they have become lighter and my under eye area feels really hydrated. I had observed tiny dry patches near the outer corner of my eyes and they vanished after a few days of applying this under eye gel.


When you apply the pack


After the pack has dried

The only thing I really dislike about this product is the fragrance.  It has this really strong herbal borderline nasty fragrance that thankfully vanishes after a few seconds of application. I don’t think I would have able to review this product at all if the fragrance would have lingered because it is just too herbal and strong for me.

The product did not really do what I was hoping it would but it did give my eyes the TLC it has been craving for month. It is a little to expensive if you compare the results with the price and is only suitable if you are looking for hydration because that it delivers in a matter of a couple of uses however the getting rid of dark circles part might take a while.