Nature’s Series Olive Oil Hair Treatment Mask: Review

Duty free in a foreign airport is a dangerous place especially for a makeup addict like me. I roamed around the different outlet till it was like 10 minutes to the boarding and was definitely one of the last people to board the flight. You can’t really blame me with all the amazing stuff I wanted to swatch or test and the one shop I was not to leave for almost an hour was Boots. For those who don’t know what Boots is well it is like a reasonable version of Sephora where you have a lot of good drugstore brands under one roof. After having spent like all the  Baht left with me on some beauty products that I will reviewing soon, I decided to spend the last 125 baht left with me on the Nature’s Series Olive Oil Hair Treatment Mask. This was more of a ” I am going to buy random stuff to round of my bill” kind of purchase but I have used this mask a couple of times now and it surely deserve a little bit of space on the blog.


Price:  125 THB for 180 ml

The Nature’s Series Olive Oil Hair Treatment Mask comes in a green plastic tub packaging with a screw on top. The packaging is definitely a little bulky and well if you have been a reader for a while you know I dislike hate tub packaging because they are just unhygienic and a mess to work with. I usually take some product out of the tub with a clean spatula in a bowl and then apply it to make sure the product left in the tub remains sanitized. Travel wise, the packaging has its pros and cons.The packaging is made of plastic so no breaking on the way hazard and the cap is tight and sturdy so definitely no leakages but because it’s a huge tub, it does take a little bit of space in your kit.


The mask itself is this shiny creamy white product. It does have a very strong fragrance which is a mix of a subtle floral fragrance along with what olive oil smells like. To me it smelled somewhat like the Figaro brand in olive oils. The fragrance fades away after a few minutes of application so you don’t really have to be scared of the product if you have a sensitive nose.

It has a very light almost a mix between a cream and a gel like texture which proves really helpful during application. The texture also ensures that you do not need a lot of product to cover your hair. I have medium length hair and I just need 2-3 tbsp. of the product to cover everything from the scalp to the ends.


According to the directions mentioned on the packaging, the mask is supposed to be applied after washing your hair with a shampoo and then skip the conditioner so basically this acts as a conditioner. I being the smarty pants that I am had not read the directions when I first  used it so I applied it like I usually apply my deep conditioning mask that is before I wash my hair. I left it for like 40 minutes and then followed it up with my normal shampoo conditioning routine. The next time I did use t the way it is supposed to be used but to be honest I felt the first way of leaving it on before washing the hair gave better results.

I have been suffering from dryness in my hair because of the moody weather here in Delhi and this product has definitely helped me control it. I apply it once in two weeks and I can see it helps tame the frizziness in my hair to a great extent.  I also got a lot of sun damage to my hair during my vacation in Thailand and this has been helping with that as well.


I have quite a sensitive scalp so whenever I use a new hair product, its reaction to my scalp is always a major concern. To my surprise, this has actually helped with my scalp situation. I know we are not supposed to apply hair masks to the scalp but during one of the applications, in a sleepy state of mind I ended up massaging the product to my scalp like I usually do with a hair oil. I was pretty concerned that it is going to weight down my hair or leave my scalp feeling oily but instead it really helped with my never-ending dandruff situation. I wouldn’t say my dandruff vanished but yes it has gone down a bit so I am really happy with the results it is showing.

All in all, this just for the heck of it buy did turn out to be a good investment for my hair. I have switched to it for deep conditioning from my regular hair mask products because it is definitely giving much better and added results then the products I had been using. The only downside is that it is not available in Indian and as far as I know it is only available in Boots outlet in Thailand so I do plan make most of the product till it lasts and well i am definitely planning to stock it up on my next trip to the beautiful Kingdom of Thailand.