NewU Nail Polish Remover Pads: Review

For a beauty blogger, the type of product that I am not fond of reviewing are nail related products. I am terrible and when I say terrible, I mean it in caps. My nails have to be the most ignored part of my body and after taking the pain of applying a nail color, I end up putting of removal citing excuses like when I have the nail polish remover, I don’t have cotton balls or I am busy and so ion and so forth till the time that my nails are begging for some air. Being the self proclaimed lazy girl that I am, I found a nice little way around this habit as well during my last visit to the NewU outlet and the simple solution to my very unhealthy habit was the NewU Nail Polish Remover Pads.


Price: Rs 90 for 30 pads

The NewU Nail Polish Remover Pads comes in a round plastic tub packaging with a screw-on cap. The packaging is pretty standard and there is nothing fancy about it. The cap stays in place and it is a tiny little tub so doesn’t occupy a lot of stuff as well so basically packaging is pretty travel friendly.


The nail polish remover pads are stacked really neatly inside the tub. The pads are thin white circular sheets with a oily remover on them. The removers are pretty effective and a single remover pad is enough to remove dark shades but you need more than one to remove glitter based nail paints. I have been carrying the nail paint removers around and they have definitely proved to be quite handy.


On the downside, I have two complains with the product. One, I am not to fond of the fragrance and two, as I mentioned earlier that the remover in pads has an oily texture which passes on to the nails as well so if you plan to apply a new coat of color after using these pads on the nails then you need clean up nails to get rid of the oily film.


Overall, I wouldn’t say it is the best product out there but  it does what it claims. The quality is decent so the next time you are in the store, you want to try something new then you can give it short. I for one, am looking forward to trying more nail polish removing pads and maybe out up some more nail based products on the blog.