Nivea Whitening Cool Sensation SPF 15 Body Lotion: Review

I hate the period of weather transitions. The confused weather confuses me and my skin so I have to switch to my transition specific products. This time around it is even worse because the transition period of winters to summers in Delhi has somehow extended to February. At this point of time, I am basically done with my winter staples, I can’t start with my summer products and my transition products are almost on their last leg.

 To counter this problem, this time I decided to switch it up a little. Instead of buying travel size of my transition products, I decided to research a bit to find something  that would work for this confused weather and could be carried forward to the hotter months. After a lot of research and recommendation, I decided to give the household brand of Nivea a chance. So today I will be reviewing the Nivea Whitening Cool Sensation SPF 15 Body Lotion

Price: Rs 312 for 400 ml


This Nivea Whitening Cool Sensation SPF 15 Body Lotion comes in a nice white plastic bottle with a blue pump dispenser. It is a very common body lotion packaging but I am not a big fan of it. The pump dispenser does come with a lock mechanism, but in my experience, it is not enough. I have had enough accidents to know that all it takes is a little pressure to unlock the dispenser and make a mess.

I just got the biggest bottle because I knew I am going to transfer it to a small packaging for travel purposes. The packaging in general, is very user friendly and hygienic.

Texture & Product

The lotion has quite a runny consistency. The lotion glides on the skin smoothly. It is extremely lightweight so it spreads easily and I don’t have to massage the lotion to much for it to get absorbed.

The lotion has a vanilla based fragrance which is not very strong. The fragrance vanishes pretty quickly so it is a good product if you are not a fan of products that have strong scents.

My Experience

Now let’s talk about how it works on my normal to dry skin. The lotion instantly makes my skin soft and smooth skin. It hydrates my skin, makes it feel  supple and healthy. The lotion also leaves a slight cooling sensation behind which  gives me a very nice and fresh feeling.

The lotion has SPF 15 which is not enough for the Indian summers but I have a something is better than nothing philosophy. I generally don’t have to reapply it but it is for sure not a winter moisturizer.

It is very light on the skin which is something that I need to have in all my body lotions. The products gets absorbed in my skin without too much fuss and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or oily

Final Verdict

 I love that I went with the recommendations regarding this body lotion because it did not disappoint me even a little bit. The texture is appropriate for the transition of winters to summers as well the hotter weather. The fragrance is pretty nice and it keeps my skin moisturized without leaving it feeling oily. Wouldn’t work for anyone with extremely dry skin or extremely cold weather.

Have you used the Nivea Whitening Cool Sensation SPF 15 Body Lotion?

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