Not So Clichéd Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Well, Mother’s Day is pretty much around the corner and if your mom is anything like mine ( read the smallest kid in the house :P) then you know you need to get her something to make her feel special. I have a love-hate relationship with my mother ( who doesn’t) because we are completely opposite in nature but one thing that I admire about her the most is that even if she is not the most intellectual, well-spoken or social person in a room, she is definitely the someone who will instantly put you at ease with her warm & endearing smile. She is the go-to person in my family when it comes to relationships and I love how she keeps everyone together sometimes at the cost of her own peace of mind

To be honest, I am not someone who is really big on celebrating “days” but I have become extremely close to my parents since I got married, moved in with my husband and the way they have supported me through all my thicks and thins just makes me want to celebrate them even on days that I earlier used to term as “silly” days.

Coming back to Mother’s Day, as I said I am not into the over the top gestures but I do feel like doing stuff for my mom that she will not do for herself. So here are my recommendations if you are looking for a nice little gift for your mommy

Spa Day

Mommies have a tendency to put things like a manicure or a pedicure on the back of their to-do list so gift her a “me time” this mother’s day. For my fellow pocket-friendly friends, I know spas are expensive particularly if you are a college student, but the good news is that a lot of offers come out around this time so keep an eye out for a good deal or you could just look for something on websites like nearbuy that offer vouchers for a variety of services at discounted rates.

Care Package

I know…I know…I can practically see your eyes rolling but this option gives you the freedom of personalising things that your mom would enjoy. You can include her favourite chocolates, a book she has been wanting to read, some cute accessories, some scented candles and a few more fancy stuff.

Cherry & Berry –

Chocolate Bouquet

The perfect gift for mother’s who have a sweet tooth. This is a step up from the regular flower bouquet and do not even get me started on the kind of cheesy notes you can accompany the bouquet with. A lot of bakeries offer such bouquets but my personal favourite is Conaffetto. Their pop cakes are amazing and the best part, they deliver

True Story: I was ordering this for my mom because she loves chocolates but instead of sending the picture to my sister, I ended up sending it to my mom **goes and bangs her head against the wall** . And I know my mom reads my blog, so, sorry mommy but do not expect this on the 13th :p

Recreate Her Favorite Picture

I saw this Buzzfeed video a few months back and instantly bookmarked it because it is such a perfect gift for mother’s day. So take out those old albums and find a nice picture of your mom that she loves, grab a friend with good photography skills and voila! you have a super emotional, super thoughtful and a super unique mother’s day gift.

Take a trip

Not the most pocket-friendly option but his year, mother’s day is on a weekend so you can probably take a trip with your mom to place she has wanted to visit for a long time. Staycations are a cool option as well and you can probably add the spa day suggestion to the trip.

What are you doing this mother’s day?

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