NYX Professional Makeup Pro Lip Cream Palette – The Reds:

I was always obsessed with NYX as a brand and did not miss on any opportunity to get my hands on their products. Now that its available in India, my obsession has no limitations. I recently picked up a lip palette that I had been eyeing for a while and it is the NYX Professional Makeup Pro Lip Cream Palette in the shade The Reds.

Price: Rs 1500 for 8.4


The NYX Professional Makeup Pro Lip Cream Palette comes in a rectangular black packaging with a transparent lid. Inside the palette, there are 6 lip shades which are various shades of the original shade variant i.e. in my palette, these are variants of red. The palette looks pretty and is sturdy enough to carry around. My only complaint is that it doesn’t come with a mirror or a brush so I have t carry those separately.


As mentioned earlier, the palette has 6 beautiful variants of the red family. The shade selection is not limited to red and they have a few orange and coral based shades as well. I love the fact that this palette has a shade for everyone and goes from dark red with maroon undertones to a bright orange with slightly coral undertones. I also love mixing and creating my own shades using the available ones and on most days, I am quite happy with the results. The only thing I do not like is that the shades do not have a name and just have a number.

Texture & Finish

I love the texture of the lipsticks in this palette. They have the perfect creamy texture that glides on the lips but not heavy or thick that you would get a streaky finish when you apply it using a brush. It doesn’t feel heavy on the lips and the creamy texture keeps my lips moisturized so much so that I do not feel any dryness even if I skip wearing a lip balm under it. The finish is glossy for all the shades and it looks like you are wearing a gloss over the lipstick due to this finish.


Whenever I use a lip palette, my biggest concern is the pigmentation because generally, shades in the lip palette tend to have weaker pigmentation, however, I do not have this concern with these. The pigmentation of all the shades is amazing and because they are so light and smooth, you can layer up and build the pigmentation if you want. On days that I want to wear the colors but tone them down a bit, I tend to use my fingers for application and on other occasions, I apply it using my favorite lip brush.

Staying Power

The lipsticks have a great staying power and lost for at least 4-5 hours. I was honestly a little surprised to see that the lipsticks lasted so long considering they have a glossy finish. The darker shades stay on longer and leave behind a nice dark tint that works as a lip color even when the lipstick fades. I did not notice any feathering or bleeding for any of the shades and these do not settle in fine lines.

Final Views

I absolutely love the palette and it is pretty much traveling with me wherever I go. I like the quality of the lipsticks and most of the shades work for my skin tone but I particularly love playing around with the colors when I am in the mood for something different. I do think that this palette is a good investment if you want a variety of shades from NYX without breaking your bank. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to add some lip colors to their vanity and I am personally looking forward to trying the other variants.

Have you used the NYX Pro Cream Palette? Which is your favorite shade variant?

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