O Boticário Nativa Spa Caviar Therapy Hair Repair Treatment Mask: Review

I have been having major travel withdrawal since I got back and to be honest if it would have been up to me then I would pretty much spend a good part of every year revisiting the beautiful places I was fortunate enough to see during the past few months. One of the highlights of my trip was visiting Brazil and oh my god, it is such a beautiful country. I am penning down my travel post about Santos, Brazil at the moment but today I will be talking about a brand that I discovered during my stay in this amazing place.

The brand I am going to introduce to you on the blog is O Boticário and it is one of the most popular skincare and fragrance brands of Brazil. I got a few hours to shop around before left and with a lot of help from Google translate, I was able to do a little haul with them. The product I am about to review today is the O Boticário Nativa Spa Caviar Therapy Hair Repair Treatment Mask.


Price: Around Rs 1200 for 200 gms


The mask comes in a black plastic tub packaging with a screw on cap. The packaging is quite sturdy but it is definitely a bulky thing to carry around and kind of huge so I am not very fond of traveling with it. Another pet peeve is that the tub doesn’t have a separator so the product from ends up getting all over the cap.


Texture & Product

The mask as a creamy texture that spreads very easily. The smell, on the other hand, is something that deserves a special mention because it is simply amazing. It truly reminds me of a walk around the beach and I absolutely love the spa-like feeling I get after using it.


My Experience

I absolutely loved this product. The humidity and the salt in the air had pretty much turned my hair into a giant frizz ball but the mask helped to tame the frizziness to some extent. I also took the decision to color my hair before I went on-board and it did not mess up the color in any way. In fact, the mask helped with the dryness of the hair ends after I colored them.

On days when I do not have the time to do a deep conditioning treatment, I just use it instead of my regular conditioner. It spreads really easily so I get away with using a very little product and I still have a good amount product left

With regular use, I did see a difference in my hair and they became more manageable and soft. I was a little concerned about the product as the texture clearly indicated that the product had a lot of silicon that sometimes irritates my scalp but nothing of the sort happened.


Final Verdict

This product was kind of a lifesaver for the past few months and helped me to keep my hair in a manageable state. I love the fragrance and I regret not getting more of it from Brazil. Overall a big thumbs up from my end and if you can get your hands on O Boticário stuff then I would most definitely recommend you to get this.

Have you tried the O Boticário?

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