Olay Moisturizing Cream: Review

Have you ever tried to explain the difference between two shades to your father, brother, guy friend, boyfriend or any one from the opposite gender….if you have…you will know that they are color blind…if you haven’t…try it…it is both frustrating and fun. The same goes with telling them about makeup or skin care products….I mean I can understand colors but how can someone screw up buying something that has a label and all the information on it. Take for instance the recent incident when my mom asked my father to go and buy the Olay Day Cream she uses….she showed him the bottle…wrote down the name but when my father came back….Instead of buying what my mom wanted, he picked up the Olay Moisturizing Cream ** facepalm**….His explanation was “How does it matter….both are creams”…well Dad it does matter and hopefully he will remember the difference after all the scolding he got for this confusion 😛 .The only good thing that came out of this was that I ended up trying the cream because my mom refused to and well we have a new review for a brand that I haven’t used before on the blog 🙂


Price: Rs 220 for 100 gms.

Olay Moisturizing Cream is packaged in a white plastic tub with a black lid. It is one of the simplest packaging I have seen in a long time.Tub packaging is unhygienic, a little messy but this tub is sturdy and travel friendly nonetheless. The packaging came with a stopper to prevent the product from getting on the lid but kept slipping around so I got rid of it.


The cream is a light-pink light cream with a smooth texture. It has this really mild floral fragrance. The texture is light so it spreads easily and gets absorbed in a jiffy. I was a little worried that the cream might turn out to be a little heavy for my combination skin type but surprisingly it was non greasy, great for my oily t-zone and just enough to moisturize the slightly dry and stretchy skin around my cheeks.



I love how light the cream feels on my skin. Usually to counter the dryness I experience during the changing weather has to be countered by applying a really moisturizer and then removing the excess product from t-zone using a tissue. However, with this moisturizer, the texture is so light yet the moisturizing power is so balanced that I don’t really have to be worried about getting a shiny nose and forehead.  Another, good thing about the cream is that a little quantity goes a long way so the 50 gm tub will last you more than a month.



For most part of last year I struggled with finding a good moisturizer for the changing weather. This year however I have  come across alot of good products that are great for this transition period and Olay Moisturizing Cream is one of them. The only downside I see with this product is that it might not work so well for dry skin.