Ole Henriksen’s Pore-Balance Facial Sauna Scrub: Review

For the longest time, I never understood the logic behind samples and neither did I ever attempt to use the tiny bottles I used to get after spending half my pay check at the Sephora billing counter. My logic behind dumping those little samples into the “sample basket” I had at home was that the quantity was just not enough for me to judge if my skin like it or not and I was doing a lifetime of experiments on my skin as is thanks to this blog so I wanted to save it from any additional chemicals I could. But during my sister’s visit to the US, she received the Ole Henriksen’s Pore-Balance Facial Sauna Scrub in sample size but the tube was enough for at least 4 uses which are usually the number of times I need to form a good or bad impression about the product. The fact that Ole Henriksen is one of the well-known names in the skin care industry was another reason. Little did I know that this little tube will change my skincare routine forever and I will be driving anyone leaving for US crazy to get help me stock this up.

Price: $28 for 3 oz

The Ole Henriksen’s Pore-Balance Facial Sauna Scrub comes in a cute green tube packaging with a screw on cap. I love the bright green packaging and it is usually easy to locate this Shrek like packaging in the zillion things I carry in my makeup bag. The tube is easy to use and the cap stays in place so no hassles when you decide to travel with it.

The scrub has a thick creamy texture with brownish black exfoliating beads. A little research into the brand informed me that these beads are basics volcanic sand that give you the exfoliating effect. As soon as you squeeze out some of the product, you get a nice whiff of peppermint which is on the stronger side but becomes lighter once you apply the product. 

I had a bit of roller coaster ride with this product when I first tried because my face just felt hot which is never a good sign so I was almost about to wash it off when I started feeling the cooling sensation. This immediately reminded me of my last spa appointment and how they use the variance in temperature to open pores and clean the skin. I have used soo many products that give a spa like treatment but this is the first one that actually did.

I was left absolutely shocked to see the effect of this product on my skin. My skin felt so clean and soft that I kept touching it for a good 5 minutes before I decided to moisturize it because standing in front of the mirror and touching my own face could appear pretty creepy if someone noticed it. 

As I mentioned before, this product has changed my skincare routine forever. I love how my skin feels after using this scrub and I can see my acne scars vanishing slowly. The spa like effect is obviously an added bonus.