Organic Harvest Anti-Tan Mask: Review

While I would love to enjoy summers by the pool side sipping on some nice cocktails with cute little umbrellas, the fear of turning into a shade card for skin tones scares me into avoiding going out in the sun. Obviously, I have a life so I can’t always hide in the house but I can use products to get rid of all the layers of tan I accumulate during these few hot months. The latest addition to the long line of products I have been trying in an attempt to get rid of my uneven skin tone is the Organic Harvest Anti Tan Mask.


Price: Rs 495 for 50 gms.


Organic Harvest Anti Tan Mask comes in a small white plastic tub packaging with a screw on cap.  I am not fond of tub packaging but I am glad the packaging is plastic because more than I dislike tub packaging, I dislike glass packaging that break the moment they slip out of your hands. The packaging is very tiny and sturdy so it is quite travel friendly.





The mask has is a white smooth creamy product with a really soothing warm scent. I haven’t come across to many creamy anti tan masks because most take the exfoliation route to de-tanning but this product is smooth like a face cream. The mask spreads really easily giving a nice even layer of the product without much hassle.


I was a little concerned that the mask might not work well for my oily skin because of its texture but it did not leave my skin feeling oily or unclean. I apply the mask after exfoliating my skin and leave it on for a good 20-25 minutes till it dries of completely. Once the mask is dry, I wash it off using cold water.


My experience with the product has been quite positive and I was left quite pleasantly surprised after I used it for the first time.My skin looked brighter and even though I wouldn’t say that it got rid of all the tan but I definitely saw a considerable difference.  I wasn’t expecting this product to be this effective because it had no exfoliants but I was definitely proved wrong. The best part about this mask is that my face feels all hydrated and it just leaves my skin very soft and supple.


To conclude I would say I am super impressed with this mask and love the fact that it not only leaves my skin brighter but also ensures that the skin doesn’t feel stretchy or dry which is something that happens with most anti-tan products. It is a really mild but quite effective and does everything it claims, even more. I love how soft my skin feels after I have used the product and the fragrance is divine so I usually apply it to relax myself after a long day.