Organix Light Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating Oil : Review

I am soo obsessed with my hair at the moment because after a very very very long time, my hair is growing and they are growing well so I am being very careful with products I am using on them. Organix is one brand that I have been using for a while and it works on my messy tresses so when I came across the Organix Light Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating Oil,  I did not give even a second thought before buying it.

Price: Rs 725 for 100 ml

The oil comes in an attractive gold plastic packaging with a flip top cap. I like that the packaging is soo tiny and sleek so I don’t have to be worried about transferring it to a smaller bottle when I want to carry it around. the cap stays in place so again you don’t have to be afraid that the bottle might leak and ruin everything else you are carrying with it.

The texture of the oil is pretty runny and once I warm it up in my palms, it feels more like a gel and less like an oil.  The oil has an herbal fragrance which is not something that I am a big fan of. The fragrance however vanishes pretty soon so I can get past it.

I usually apply this hair when I tortured my hair alot and my hair needs a little bit of an extra TLC but I don’t have the time to give it a good hot oil massage. I concentrate this oil on the ends which are the driest part when I applying the product. I have noticed that my hair look more shiny and the oil helps me control the frizziness as well. It does take a few minutes to absorb so make sure you give it time to settle down. The oil doesn’t weigh down my hair which is like my primary concern whenever I am trying a new hair product.


Overall, the product is good but I wouldn’t say it is an oil rather it is more of a serum and a good one at that. I love the texture of the oil and even though it takes a bit of time to get absorbed, the way my hair feel after I apply the product makes the waiting worth it. Basically this is a good product if you are looking for a nice serum but yes it is not an oil treatment.