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Our Moon Has Blood Clots: Book Review

Hello everyone,
A few years back, during a bus ride from college, a young man in his mid twenties asked me for directions to a certain place. After I helped him with the directions we continued talking. He told me his name , that he was from Kashmir and how it was his first visit to Delhi. He had landed a job here and was pretty excited about it. I told him a little about me and alot about the city. Through out the whole conversation he kept mentioning how lucky I was to have been born in the capital city- the land of opportunities, and how it was completely different back in his hometown. I never really gave much thought to this conversation until a few days back when I landed up with this book that I am going review today .
I got Our Moon Has Blood Clots last month as a prize for winning the monthly challenge of the  Indian Quills Reading Challenge 2013 and after reading it I am so glad I chose this book out of all the other. Written by Rahul Pandita, this book is his story of Kashmir at the time when Kashmiri Pandits were forced to leave their homes and spend the rest of their lives in exile in  their own country.
Even though the whole book is about his own experience and what he saw in Kashmir ,the narration is never over dramatic and for me this one of the biggest reasons as to why the book leaves a huge impact on its reader. The narration has been kept really straight by Pandita. Every incident no matter how brutal it is has been described without too many emotions which actually stirs you up pretty good and you feel the emotions missing in the narration. 
Like most people in the country, I was never really acquainted with the real situation in Kashmir so I have to admit I was really taken aback and I definitely flinched during a lot of parts in the book as I sat and imagined them. 
It is not the kind of book that you read at one go. It is actually not possible to do that. Simply because after every chapter you have this lump in your throat thinking about the details that have been described in it. Maybe my reaction is so strong because as I know that these things actually happened so I cannot simply dismiss them as a work of fiction and stop thinking about it.
I would most certainly recommend you guys to read this book  even if you are not a big fan of non-fiction work and it is actually one of the books that I would never forget.