Higuys !!!!
The thing that I love most about Delhi are the flea markets of the city. I try and visit them as often as I can and I have to say I never come back dissapointed plus it is so pocket friendly. 
One of my favorite flea markets especially when it comes to accessories is Paharganj. Paharganj is the area of Delhi where most of the budget travelers and backpackers visiting  India prefer to stay. It also famous for the its leather shops and junk jewellery. Junk jewellery adds soo much drama and color to any outfit that it is one item that is essential in every girls wardrobe.
Paharganj to me was what a candy store is for a 5 year old. It is like a mini Colaba Causeway in Delhi. However, when I visited the place last weekend I noticed that many of the shops that I used knew had either closed down or had just stopped selling jewellery. The shopkeepers say that the number of customers have decreased drastically and the high rent and the losses are driving them out of business. 

Anyhow, even though most of the shops I used to visit regularly had closed down, I was able to buy a lot of pretty accessories. Like any other flea market in Delhi, the trick is to bargain like there is no tomorrow. You will be left pleasantly surprised with the kind of stuff that you find here. I couldn’t stop clicking pictures of the beautiful pieces that I saw all around. Here are some of favorite pieces
Love at first site….sadly the shopkeeper asked for 1000 bucks for this and I was like “whaaa”

oooh the colors πŸ™‚

Sooo many colors O_0

I so wanted to buy this…but somebody had already bought it and they just had one piece πŸ™
It was very difficult to choose….because….I wanted to buy everything I saw…but finally here’s what i got πŸ™‚
Loved the color πŸ™‚

It so simple yet so pretty

I can’t wait to wear this one

I am going through a ring phase these days πŸ˜›
I never realized the two of them look so similar

Another ring

This one is my favorite πŸ˜€
I bought all this with just 500 bucks….not even a rupee more than that. Apart form jewellery there are also alot of options when it comes home decor. The market is filled with shops that have really pretty copper and wrought iron pieces. I saw some really cute bags too and yes  if you love wearing jutis and mojris…make sure you pay this market a visit.
So the next time you are in Delhi or just in the mood for some shopping…just take the metro get down Ramakrishna Ashram Marg and stroll around this dingy lane that is filled with pieces that will steal your heart.
Do you like to buy junk jewellery?
and have you visited Paharganj?
Share your love for flea markets with me by commenting below πŸ™‚