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Pamper Party @ Jafra

first of all, I am sorry for not being regular again…I have  a lot going on the personal and professional front…more details on that a little later…first let me talk about an interesting event I attended a few weeks back from Jafra to a spa party or as they like to call it a Sparty :). 

I hadn’t really heard much about the brand before so a little Google search happened only to discover that they have quite a reputation internationally and the “Sparties” are pretty popular too. Well that was enough for me to bunk work (shhh….If anyone asks…I was unwell that day :p) and decide to see for myself what these spa parties were all about.

After braving the 45 degrees temperature I finally reached the venue to be greeted by Jafra’s marketing manager, Mrs Sonia Seth who then gave me a brief introduction about brand and took me around to try some their products.

The spa party began with a brief presentation by Shilpa Ajwani, Managing Director of Jafra. She told us about JAFRA’s history,  how the brand believes in empowering women and the thought process that the founders have when they introduced the concept of spa parties. 

It was now time for the spa party which began with us indulging in some DIY foot spa. During the foot spa we tried their ginger sea salt and scrub. This was followed a mini facial with their mud face mask. I loved how we were even given cucumber slices which our hosts insisted we use as they wanted us to relax rather than just instagram,  facebook or tweet about the event. 🙂

I had a great time thanks to the JAFRA team and of course because I had some amazing company. The company also shared a few products with us which I’ll be reviewing soon. Unfortunately,  JAFRA has no store outlets so in case you want to try their products you will have to contact a Jafra consultant and if you are interested they also have a a JAFRA consultant program that aligns with their aim of empowering women. Do check out their website here for more details

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