Pantene Nature Fusion Women’s Indiblogger Meet

Hi Girls,

I attended the Pantene Nature Fusion Women’s Indiblogger Meet yesterday. This was my first blogger meet and it was definitely a great experience.  

I was greeted with a warm smile by the Indiblogger Team as I entered the venue which was followed by by a quick introduction with Akankshya, Priyanka, Priti, Manjulika and many other first timers like me and of course hellos to people whose blog I follow and read without fail.
With  Akankshya and Priyanka 🙂

With Sushmita of My Unfinished Life( Please ignore the big smile…I was too excited to  meet her :P)

While we were waiting for the event to begin, we were given some spray paints to attack the white boards that had been placed around the venue, and in no time those boards were anything but white :p

During the event we had loads of fun participating in all the games and activities organised by the Indiblogger Team
‘The Mummy Returns’

Anup with the ‘mummies’
Floral Fun

We also got the chance to interact with Lais Koelle, who shared all the details with us about the new product that Pantene has just come up with along with answering any questions we had regarding our hair.

We also had this little chat with Yashodhara Lal, blogger turned author who shared with us her story of turning into an author and also spoke about the Harper Collins contest for getting published.
I left the venue with the satisfaction of a Sunday well spent and with a Pantene goody bag along with an Indiblogger t-shirt.

I definitely had a lot of fun, with all the games, the hair spa, the good food but the best part was the interactions that I had with the other bloggers and I am soo looking forward to such events in futures.