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Paper Boat Drinks

What is the first thing that you think about when you hear the words Paper Boat? I go back round 7-8 years old and we used to have puddles all around our house when it used to rain and out came the notebooks and pages were torn and some folds were made to give them the shape of cute little boats. these boats then used to hit the water and me and my friends bounced around in the rain jumping with joy. 
Cut to 2014…I hear the words Paper Boat again…but this time these were not the boats I knew, instead they were these cute little pouch of fruit flavored drinks.  The company contacted me and sent me this big orange pouch of  samples along with a cute note that gave me the complete freedom  to appreciate or criticize the drink based on my experience.

Price: Rs. 30 for 250 ml
The drink come in a very different kind of a packaging. Instead of the usual plastic pet bottles that are used by most companies, these drink comes in a doy pack packaging has an opening on the top. The opening is sealed with a cap.  Those of you who don’t know what doy pack packaging is….well its basically is a flexible pouch like container that has aluminum foil lamination. 
The thing that makes the packaging of these drinks very interesting is that at the first look you feel as if  the packaging is made out of paper. I like how the packaging is flexible as it makes it very easy to carry around. The packaging is leak proof so no chances of spilling.  
I got 4 flavours to taste, test and review- Aamras, Jal Jeera, Aam Panna and Jamun Kala Khatta. 
Now I am big mango fan so this was the first flavor I tried and to be honest it tasted like the other mango based drinks we already in the market. I wouldn’t say I completely believe there no artificial flavor claim after I tasted this one but yes I did appreciate the fact that this was not as sweet as some of the other mango drinks that I have tried.

Jal Jeera
Jal Jeera definitely looked and tasted more natural than Aamras. You could actually taste the cumin and black pepper in it and the consistency of the drink was just perfect. Honestly if you serve this to somebody who has no idea it came from that cute pouch packaging, I can tell you that they will never be able to guess that its not home made.

Aam Panna
Its my favorite out of the four flavours I tried. I told you I am mango lover and one my favorite drinks to beat the heat is aam panna. I love how this drink is soo balanced in terms of the flavor…its neither too tangy nor too sweet and the taste of cumin just shines through. I am definitely picking up more pouches of this one for sure.

Jamun Kala Khatta
I was expecting it to be a little more tangy because the name said Kala Khatta but it was on the sweeter side with a bit of with an astringent after taste just like the one you get after you eat black jamuns. I personally did not like this flavour because of the after taste however my dad who loves jamun enjoyed it alot.
All in all, I think  the company  has done a pretty good job in terms of getting the drinks to taste as authentic as possible. I love how these drinks are not as sweet as the other ones that I have tried. The packaging is cute, they are inexpensive and easily available however I am not really convinced about the no artificial flavour and color claim.