PR: BIBA Presents Showstopper Collection 2013

the leading Indian wear brand presents its latest collection of the season-
SHOWSTOPPER. Inspired from the name itself, this collection with its exquisite
designs patterns and colors is sure to make you the trend setter this season. BIBA
has designed four new ranges within the SHOWSTOPPER collection- Rockstar,
Mysterio, Paradise and Tranquility.
range in the Showstopper collection showcases experimental prints in new and
exotic colors, whimsical patterns and fresh cuts and styles. These ranges have
an ultra high fashion quotient as they combine chic and ethnic in a novel
manner to make the BIBA woman feel like a showstopper at all times!  Price range for the collection starts from Rs.
is a fresh new product language suitable for the young at heart who wants to
look smart and trendy and make an impressive fashion statement. This range
incorporates a retro chic look with a strong metallic artistic feel. The prints
are funky with handwritten inspirational calligraphy combined with an
individual expression of love and dreams and belief – the range is a blend of
art and poetry fused into wearable everyday garments. 

from the national flower, Lotus, Mysterio range incorporates art inspired
textures and shades of pinks and oranges merged with greens and purples to give
a canvas like feel to the palette. A fresh new unique print signature in cuts that
are wearable with Anarkali and layered styles completes the range.

With this range BIBA
presents the rich Indian cultural heritage of Mughal Miniature paintings
translated into ready to wear everyday garments. The beautiful cultural
diversity of our nation, which has a strong essence and contribution from the
Mughal era, has been translated into powerful and rich garments making a statement
in its own regal way.

Nature’s serenity is the inspiration
behind the range- Tranquility. Using shades of blues with highlights of reds,
oranges and pinks that have been styled in modern silhouettes and classic
Kurtas, this range will give you classic wardrobe pieces that you can pull out
season after season and yet every time  feel  the comfort of wearing
the blues. Ethnic styles with a fusion of bright hues resulting in a modern
fusion are the essence of the range.

For more information,
please visit: http://www.bibaindia.com/ and www.facebook.com/BibaIndia