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Pre-Launch Part @ Nando’s,Connaught Place

Nando’s is definitely one name that doesn’t need much introduction if you are a chicken lover so when they invited me for the pre-launch party of their second outlet in Delhi and well the location couldn’t have been any better, the heart of Delhi- Connaught Place

For my dear friends who aren’t aware about Nando’s….well it is an international casual dining restaurant chain that originated from South Africa. They’re known for the Peri-Peri Flame Grilled Chicken  which varies from mild, hot and very hot on the peri-ometer as they like to call it.

In terms of the ambiance of the place,  as soon as you enter the restaurant, the beautiful wooden stairs and bright overhead light fixture catch your attention. I loved the cozy and warm feeling the dim lighting, the pretty painting and the pastel walls gave to the place. The restaurant is divided into two floors– both floors have quite spacious seating but the highlight of sitting on the ground floor is the open kitchen.

Open kitchen 🙂

Armed with the company of a hatta-katta (brawny) punjabi sailor boy who is blessed with a rather huge appetite, I ended up trying everything on the menu except of course the vegetarian options and before any one attacks me with the benefits of the vegetarian lifestyle…I love vegetarian food and have nothing against it but I honestly don’t see the point of going to Nando’s and wasting the precious little space I have in my tummy on anything except chicken 😛

Look at the colorful menu

Enough chit chat….lets talk about the food now. We started our meal with a salad ( yes we were trying to have something light before we drove into the peri peri chicken world) and we ended up trying the Mediterranean Salad.  I like my salads simple and fresh and well that’s exactly what the salad was. The salty and tangy taste of the feta cheese complimented the sweetness of the vegetables and the rest of the task of tantalizing the taste buds was handled well by the peppers and the chicken.

For drinks we had to choose from mocktails as they hadn’t received their bar license yet so no hard drinks. We ordered Citrus Bliss and Madeira Red, both the drinks were recommended by our servers and I have to say I was pretty happy with the drinks.

Next we moved to the classic peri-peri chicken. The bong in me urged me to opt for extra hot while the sailor played it a little safe and went with mild.  While the chicken was absolutely amazing and cooked to perfection, I think I went a little overboard with extra hot option because when they say extra hot they mean tongue on fire kind of hot. 

We then decided to try the special from the menu and opted for espetada. The presentation us took by surprise as it was served on a huge vertical skewer which is not something you usually see. The boneless chicken was moist and tender and the thick and creamy coleslaw with crispy fries proved to be the perfect sides to this dish. 

Next we tried the Moroccan butternut and grilled peppers with chicken fillet burger. The burger turned out to be a little disappointing as the bread absolutely dry and I did not really taste any of the ingredients promised in the menu.

By the time we were finished, I had absolutely no space left for desserts however they do have a couple of options on the menu that I would like to try. 

While I definitely had a nice evening at Nando’s thanks to the very delicious chicken, what made the evening even better was the the service. The service is prompt and the servers are quite polite. I had too many queries about the menu and I have to say not once did I found our server getting annoyed with my questions. On the contrary, he was very helpful and not only gave some really good recommendations but also told us everything we wanted to know about the dish. I know its a little difficult to visit this place as the waiting list goes in the higher end of the double digits but do try….lots of good food always triumphs over a little bit of waiting time. 

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