Puna Store Affordable Oval Makeup Brush Set: Review

Nothing makes my day like a good budget buy so I was pretty stoked when I came across a lot of beauty bloggers talking about a reasonable dupe for the famous oval brushes but from Amazon. To be honest, when it comes to brushes, I am not someone who likes to use brushes from random brands but the fact that so many people recommended it and it did not break my bank just pushed me to give it a short so today I am going to review the Puna Store Affordable Oval Makeup Brush Set.

Price: Rs 499 on ( Link to product: Here )


The Puna Store Affordable Oval Makeup Brushes comes in a cardboard packaging with the brushes placed in a plastic mould. The set has 5 brushes that cover various areas of the face. While the store does offer color variations, I opted for the gold and black combination. The handle is made of plastic and has the store name on it while the ferrule is metallic. The bristles of the brushes are very densely packed and even though they are synthetic fibers, they feel pretty soft on the skin. The handles have a good length so you don’t feel uncomfortable using it. They have a good width so they are easy to hold and work with as well so overall, I have no complaints about the packaging.

The Brushes

The brushes do not have any details of what you need to use them for so I basically had to figure out which brush worked well for which part of my face. The biggest brush works really well for application of my foundation while I use the smaller one for my under eye area or applying concealer to the areas I want to bake/highlight. The rest of the three prove to be really useful when it comes to contouring particularly the brush with a long thin oval as it is the perfect brush to contour the nose area. The only brush I couldn’t really use much is the last round one because it is just too small to utilise anywhere so I just use it to apply highlighter to my inner eye area or apply highlighter to my brow bone.

My Experience

One of my major concerns with these brushes was getting a streaky finish particularly after using a beauty blender which pretty much gives a flawless base. To my surprise, my products blended so well with these brushes and I had no issues getting a nice base to apply the rest of the makeup on. The bristles are pretty soft so they did not irritate my skin and considering the price they retail at, I am quite happy with their quality.

Cleaning these brushes is definitely a bit of an effort because they are denser than the normal makeup brushes but nothing that a good brush cleaner can’t handle. A good thing about the brushes is that even though they are so pocket-friendly, the did not shed during or post cleaning.

Final Verdict

I am definitely impressed with these brushes and I completely understand as to why people were raving about it. The original oval brushes cost a bomb so I am pretty happy to at least try these dupes before I decide to invest or not to invest in the original ones. I would for sure recommend anyone looking for some decent makeup brushes to try these.

Have you tried oval brushes?

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