QVS Foundation Brush: Review

I don’t use brushes very often but when I do, I need the prefect one and if you thought finding the right guy was a task…try looking for a good makeup brush and a cost that would not drive your blood pressure through the roof. To be honest, I had not heard alot about this brand before I saw it on brand on Nykaa and the little bit of research that I did post that gave me a positive feedback so I decided to give it a shot and decided to add the QVS Foundation Brush to my brush collection.


Price: Rs 449

The QVS Foundation Brush has a black matte body with a black ferrule and white bristles. The brush has the typical flat shape that you see in most foundation brushes and bristles are packed in a very compact manner.

As I just said, the brush has a flat shape with the bristles that are pretty compact so it gives a lot of control when you are trying to use it to apply your foundation. The shape ensures that I get a flawless finish without using too much product. The brush helps me get a decent coverage and even reach tricky areas like edge of my nose, the area around the lips and the jaw lines without leaving behind any streaks or lines.




Layering foundation is a little tricky with this because when you try to layer the foundation, the brush does tend to move the product around. The brush is great to apply the first layer of makeup and blend in the foundation to the edges of my face. The brush is pretty stable and there has been no shedding even though I have washed this brush a couple of times.


Overall, thus is a good quality brush retailing at a decent price and it is a pretty good brush if you are someone who doesn’t need very high coverage but of you are like me and need a heavier base then you could use this for the first layer and for the additional layers, just use a beauty blender or a stippling brush. A good option if you are a beginner looking to get some good quality basic brushes in your vanity.