Food Salads: Review

What do you do when you are getting married in a few months but you end up with a ligament injury that puts you on bed rest for weeks with no hopes of getting in any kind extensive exercise for atleast 2 months….first you cry because of the pain…then you mentally kick yourself because you are the clumsiest person you know…then you realize how bored and bloated you feel sitting at home all those weeks and finally you decide that enough is enough and you have to get some form of exercise in, more importantly eat healthy if you still wish to fit into the suitcase full of trousseau stuff you bought and of course your wedding outfit.

I will get into the details of the exercise routine one can follow if you have any kind of leg injury but for today I am going to share a really healthy food delivery option I came across during the past few weeks. I have already talked about the the cool new website that offers cold pressed juices here and I loved the juices I ordered from there which basically pushed me into trying the other things they had to offer which was salads.


Honestly, I am not really someone who is fond of salads because my experience with salads has been pretty average plus I like my food spicy and full of flavor….you know the kind that makes your taste buds dance…and well if I make a salad that way than the whole sense behind eating it goes down the drain.The point is I wasn’t sure whether I should try the salads from Rawleaf but they looked pretty interesting, there was alot of options available that I hadn’t seen anywhere else, they were inexpensive, I did not really any concerns about the quality of product because I had already seen the quality with the juices plus I was in no mood or condition to cook for myself so I finally decided to try them.

Out of the 28 vegetarian and 18 non vegetarian options, I decided to try 3- The Hawaiian Chicken Salad, The Mediterranean Quinoa Chicken Salad and the Asian Mix Chicken Salad…apologies to my vegetarian readers…but I can basically live of chicken and when it comes to salad chicken is kind of an essential for me.

I loved how well the salads were packed and they came in this microwave friendly container in case you want to heat it up. Another thing I liked about the packaging was that the dressing and the chicken came in separate containers within the bowl of the salad which gave me the freedom to add whatever amount of dressing I was comfortable in adding to the salad. I have always been really fussy about how over or under dressed a salad is so Rawleaf definitely got some bonus points on my book when I saw the dressing in a separate tub.

Now lets talk about the salads in a little bit of detail. The first salad I tried was the the Hawaiian Chicken Salad and it was pretty much the one salad I was really looking forward to. I am a total pineapple monster and I love the combination of chicken and pineapple ( I just think they are match made in heaven :p) so this was the first item I added to my cart. The Hawaiian salad had cabbage, bell peppers, carrots, chicken and pineapple with a mayo based dressing.I know mayo is not really ideal choice for a healthy dressing but as I mentioned before…I need some flavor in my food and well if chicken and pineapple are a match made in heaven…mayo just takes that combination to a whole new level. Unfortunately I was left a tad disappointed because the dressing was a little too salty for my taste and I feel they should have added more pineapples….the salad was not hawaiian enough for me 🙁



The next salad I tried was the mediterranean quinoa chicken salad and this was a the salad I wasn’t sure about because I have had quinoa twice before and I did not like it. This salad had quinoa,cooked chicken,onion,bell pepper,black olive,feta cheese,parsley and a salt,lemon juice,balsamic vinegar and olive oil based dressing.I have pleasantly surprised by this salad and I loved each and every thing about it. The dressing was perfect, quinoa was cooked to perfection and there was a good balance between the amount of vegetables and quinoa in the salad so as soon as I finished it I wanted more 🙁



The last salad I tried was the Asian Mix Chicken Salad which had iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, red cabbage, carrot and diced chicken with sweet chilli dressing. This salad proved that salads don’t really have to be bland. The dressing was the star…loved it…and was definitely my favorite out of the three and if I have to recommend one salad to you then this would be it.



Overall, I would say Rawleaf is a great option if you are looking healthy options for home delivery. Everything they send is really fresh which is not something you can’t say about alot of food delivery services in the market, the juices were great and the salads turned put to be really delicious as well. The only problem I see is with the delivery because if you want to get food delivered the same day you have to order before 5 pm so impromptu plans won’t work.