Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set: Review

Even though I love by budget friendly brushes, I do like to splurge a little bit on some occasions to get my hands on more expensive stuff. On one such occasion, I decided to get myself a set of the famous Real Technique brushes and obviously I decided to get the Core Collection first.

Price: Rs 2899

The Core Collection comes in a black cloth case with the brushes secured inside using an elastic holder. There is a string attached to the case which helps the case to become a stand for the brushes as well. I am definitely a big fan of the packaging considering I don’t have to take a separate case to carry the brushes, the case is very sleek so doesn’t take too much space plus it is quite sturdy that the brushes remain safe and sound inside it.

The core collection has 4 brushes – a Buffing Brush, a Contour brush, a Pointed Foundation brush and a Detailer brush.

Buffing Brush: The buffing brush is a dense brush and I use it to apply my loose powder or blend my makeup in general to get a smooth and even finish. The bristles are soft and I just love the shape of the brush as well as how dense it is so it basically helps to blend everything in without me loosing any product in the brush.  The length of the handle is of a good length and thickness which gives me quite a bit of control over the brush

Contour Brush: This is definitely my favorite brush from the set and I absolutely adore the dome shape. The shape gives me soo much control in terms of picking up the right quantity of the contouring products, placing it  even in tricky areas like the bridge of the nose and blending everything in general is such a piece of cake. Definitely my go to brush when it comes to contouring!!

Pointed Foundation Brush:  I don’t really use a foundation brush very often so this does not come as handy as the other two brushes but it works really well when it comes to blending out my concealer. The brush has a flat tapered shape that efficiently blends my concealer particularly in the under eye area and around my nose. It does take a little practice to learn to work with this brush as it is really dense and a bit stiff then the other brushes in the set.

Detailer Brush: To be honest, I did not understand the need for this brush in the core collection and even though the website tells you that it is supposed to b used for applying base makeup particularly concealer in small areas, personally I feel the size of the brush doesn’t prov to be helpful.  The only time I have used the brush is one I want to conceal the area around my lips when I am wearing a dark lipstick or to apply highlighter to the brow bone area. The bristles of the brush are packed together in a very dense manner and in a very odd shape so it does take a little effort to work with it. 

Overall, I love the brush because it is so  easy to carry it around, the quality of the brushes in general is amazing and these are definitely one of the best brushes that I have used. The packaging is great and I have used these brushes for more than a year, washed them over and over again but they haven’t shed a single hair. The only thing I am not happy with all the brushes but I have learned to work around with them. Definitely recommend you to get a set if you want to invest a good quality makeup accessory.