Revlon Coloburst Matte Balm In Standout Remarquable: Review, Swatch & FOTD

I know you have been seeing a lot of Revlon on the blog lately and well you might see me d this for a little longer because I bought so much product like 6 months back that I am still in the process trying all of them. The next product from Revlon that i am going to talk about today is the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Standout Remarquable (that was quiet a mouth full :p). I have already reviewed a different shade of the same product but I feel a shade as beautiful as this one deserves a little extra attention on the blog 🙂


Price: Rs 800 for 2.7 gms

The matte balms come in a standard jumbo lip color style packaging with a marker like body and a bottom you can twist to access or retract the product.  I absolutely adore the packaging of these lip balms because they don’t have the flimsy cap that go loose after a few uses,  how they incorporated the matte factor in the packaging as well and that the packaging is of the same shade as the product so even if you have multiple shades from these range, finding the one you want when you want it doesn’t drive you crazy.



The texture is really smooth almost like butter so the product glides on your lips effortlessly. I was a little vary when I used these matte balms for the first time because they gave a very creamy finish in the beginning however they do settle down to a matte finish after a few seconds. It does give this unique cool sensation and a very strong peppermint fragrance that I really like.

The shade I got this time is called Standout Remarquable and true to its name it does standout among the other shade in this range. I have always found that one brand that gets reds right for Indian skin tone is Revlon and they have done it again with Standout. It is a beautiful brick-red shade with   shade with a very subtle brown undertone. The actual shade is a little brighter and redder( if that is even a word :p) than what you see when you look at the packaging. This shade has quickly become one of the favorite reds in my shade and I love to wear it when I am in mood for a bit of glamour.



These balm do not dry out my lips even after they settle down to the matte finish, are really pigmented and give you a good coverage in a single swipe, feel really light on the lips so you can layer it up if you are in a mood to play it up a little, do not budge for a good 3-4 hours but they do not survive meals and leave a beautiful tinge of color once they fade.


Overall, I love the shade and the range in general. I know that the strong peppermint flavor and fragrance is a deal breaker for some people but it is the one thing I love the most about these matte balms. The packaging is sturdy, the quality is decent and standout in particular is a gorgeous shade which deserves a place in your vanity if you love reds as much as I do.