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Revlon Color Stay Ultimate Suede Lipstick In Muse: Review and Swatches

By now all of you must have
realized how much I love lipsticks….my mom gives me a hard time saying I need
to finish the ones I have and then buy new ones….she saw a blog sale a few days
back and suggested me to do the same but sorry I am too much in love with my
stash of lippies to ever think about
selling them.
Not that I like to discriminate
but I am definitely more partial towards the long stay ones because they save
me the frequent headache of touch-ups. I absolutely loved the Maybelline 14 hr.
range and then I saw that Revlon had come up with Ultimate Suede collection
which looked like a more moisturized and creamy version of Maybelline so
obviously I  couldn’t resist picking one
Revlon Color Stay Ultimate Suede
comes in really cute packaging. It has a transparent cap and the body
of the lipstick is of the same color as the shade so you can easily locate it
among other lipsticks.
Price: Rs 650

The shade I bought was a
pinkish-plum shade called Muse. This range has a wide variety of colors but I
ended up buying Muse because the pink is just perfect- it’s neither too dark
nor to bright. It’s a shade you can wear any time of the day and it instantly
brightens your face when you apply it.
Now let’s talk about the texture,
pigmentation and the finish. The texture of the lipstick is really soft and
smooth. It is so sheer and creamy that when you swatch it, you feel as if you
are swatching a lip balm. The pigmentation is medium but you can always build
up the color by layering.
Coming to my experience with the
lipstick….when I first applied it felt so good on my lips and I remember thinking
it was so much better than Maybelline which is a little dry. Little did I know
that this thought would come back to haunt me. 
I had a nice time with the lipstick for around 30 minutes, after which
my lips became absolutely dry. When I went to check what was wrong, to my
horror I discovered that even though the color was still intact on my lips, the
smooth creamy finish had turned flaky and it literally looked like the skin of
my lips was peeling.
Getting rid of this lipstick is another
issue in itself. It is not the kind of lipstick that would get removed with one
swipe of a makeup remover and then it also has the tendency to settle in the
fine lines
so you basically end up struggling to remove it completely.
The Yay’s
  •        Cute and sturdy packaging
  •       Variety available in terms of shade

The Nay’s
  •      Completely dries out lips within an hour
  •      Becomes flaky
  •      Settles in fine line
  •      Complete removal requires a lot of effort

Will I repurchase it….hell no!!!! I am so
thankful that I just picked one lipstick out of this range. Run away when you
see these…they look pretty but they are definitely not meant to be anywhere
near your lips :p
Have you tried any lipstick from the Revlon
Ultimate Suede Range?

I would love to know your experience with it so
don’t forget to comment