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Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Sultry: Review, Swatch and FOTD

Just when I thought that we were over the Jumbo pencil phase, out came Revlon with one product that I was totally looking forward to-Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm. Why? Well first of all I love my mattes and secondly,  I had heard and read such good things about them I knew I had to pick them up once they get launched in India. They are finally here and I picked up one shade (just to be safe :p) and today I am going to talk about it 🙂


Price: Rs 800 for 2.7 gms.

The packaging of the Colorburst Matte Balms looks familiar considering how the market flooded with jumbo pencils these days. the product looks like this big crayon like bullets with a big marker type packaging. The packaging has the same color as the shade and the only difference in the packaging is that they are asserting the matte in the name, the outer packaging has matte finish.



The lip balm has this amazing buttery texture and I love how creamy they feel on the lips. On application, it gives a very glossy finish and in the beginning I kind of assumed that it was going to be another one of those products that claim to be matte but turn out to have a satin finish. However, the texture turns into matte after a few minutes and its the the non drying and not turning patchy kind of matte.
Apart form the texture, what sealed the deal for me was the peppermint flavor and fragrance. I am a big fan of minty lip balms and this one has one of the strong taste and fragrance I have tried till date. Having said that, people who are sensitive to heavy fragrances might find it to be a little strong.

This range has some really good shades but the first shade that caught my attention was Sultry.  Sultry is this beautiful brown  shade with berry pink undertones. The pink and brown balance each other out so well that its just one of those colors that would suit anybody no matter what your complexion is or how old you are.


This product fares pretty well in the pigmentation department as well. I get a very even and opaque layer of color in a single swipe.An added advantage is that due to the texture, you can layer it up without getting a heavy feeling on your lips.
The staying power is great.  I did not see any fading for about 5 hours but it doesn’t survive meals.  It also fades evenly so you don’t have to worried about accumulated product on the lip lines.
Here are the swatches

and here is how it looks on me



All in all, I really like these matte balms. I am loving the texture, the pigmentation and as I mention the minty flavor. They are a little expensive but the quality makes up for it and well gone are the days when Revlon used to be a pocket friendly brand. I am definitely eyeing a couple colors. Any suggestions on the shades?